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Love true muscle girl stories - leave yours

Jan 28, 2020 - permalink

First of all I have been a fan of muscular women for a long time. I have always enjoyed reading stories (particularly true stories) and want to give back and hopefully inspire others to write any experiences they have had.
Over the years I have had a few really good experiences, which were posted on her biceps forum before it was unfortunately (for a fan of real muscle girl experiences such as myself) taken down very abruptly. 
I may try to rewrite the 2 or 3 stories I had on there from my younger days but thought I would share my newest and definitely my most fortuitous experience as it involves my wife.

We have are in our late 30’s and have been together 7 years, 3 of them married. She has always been fit and quite athletic and toned. In the early years she mentioned that people had mentioned she had well developed biceps and had flexed for me. She doesn’t really know about my love of muscular women, so back then I played it cool, and have always admired them from a far as well as her ripped back. We started rock climbing and going to the gym together and over time her biceps along with the rest of her body have been slowly getting bigger and of course I have been giving her encouragement of her ‘fitness’.

I went through a rough patch with illness over a 3 month period and mentioned that I had lost a lot of muscle tone. I jokingly said “I better get back to the gym before you have bigger biceps than me”. To my surprise she flexed! Unflexed you can really tell she has definition but when she does,  I don’t know where she hides those things but they burst out into ripped tennis balls.

She then said something I could not believe. “Let’s measure, and see.” She said, “ I bet in a percentage comparison to your arm size, I wonder if mine are bigger”. This made me realise I hadn’t been the only one who had thought about this. She ran off and got a tape measure. I was excited about how pumped she was about this.

She said let’s first measure unflexed and then flexed and see who has the bigger muscle percentage in comparison to their arm size. She has always been competitive and it was coming out. She did me first, (from memory it was 34cm unflexed and 37.5cm flexed) . Then I did her unflexed and it was 31. She said “see how much smaller my arms are in comparison to yours, it’s only fair to do a percentage”. I agreed.

I then asked her to flex and she did with all her might and competitiveness. The more she pushed the bigger it got. I couldn’t believe it, I think she has been working them out secretly. Only then did I realise what she had been concealing. I grabbed it in reflex and said “wow honey, they are impressive”. They were hard as a rock and only then did I realise I could actually lose this competition. Hers had peaks, lines and striations that mine didn’t.

 I told her her numbers and I asked what the percentage was. The answer I will never forget
She said” I haven’t worked out the percentage yet, but it doesn’t matter. I am going to destroy you”. She then laughed and said ‘sorry honey, but your wife has bigger muscles than you.”
I looked at the paper. Hers unflexed where 31cm and flexed were 36 cm flexed. I realised she was right, percentage didn’t matter. Her muscle peak was 5cm increase to my 3.5cm and despite my bigger arm her muscle was clearly bigger than mine. She then did a dominant flex and I realised her lats and shoulder were impressive too. I then said ‘ wow, for some reason, that’s a big turn on (acting like I hadn’t realised I liked muscular women before). The rest of the day she joked about having bigger muscles than me. I thought that this was the best day of my life, not realising what was to come.

The next bit of the story is the best bit, but it’s of a sexual nature. I’m not sure if that’s allowed on this forum. Can somebody let me know if that’s okay and I can post about the best night of my life.

Mar 08, 2020 - permalink
Please send the next part of the story
Mar 09, 2020 - permalink
I agree with Brian, first part of your story is a great start, especially the surpise element. A next part of your story would be very interesting!
May 08, 2020 - permalink
Unfortunately, my wife is rarely horny, but this must have awoken something in her. That night we started to have sex as we normally do. But as it went on, she got more and more dominant. The more aroused she got, the more dominant she got until as quick as a cat, she rolled me onto the bottom and got on top. She grinded me so hard and powerfully I was about to cum.

She leaned down and kissed me aggressively. She whispered in my ear ‘are you okay’ and I said ‘ oh my god, your are sexy as fuck’. She then said, “you better hold  on lovely man, im horny as fuck”. She then braced Herself leaning one hand on the head bored and then put her other arm behind my back and with my help lifted my back off the bed. With one hand I gabbed the bicep of the arm holding my back and the other hand around her lats. I could feel pulsating muscle underneath both hands. She started fucking me hard. As I blew, I laid back, however I stayed where I was, all I felt was her bicep expand under my hand exasperating my orgasm as she held my whole upper body weight.

After, I went to slowly flip her onto the side as a natural step to pulling out, but I couldn’t believe it when she resisted. I tried again harder and realised she wanted to be in charge. I wasn’t going anywhere and she locked my legs under hers. I honestly don’t know if I could have gotten out of that position if I had wanted to, but I didn’t.
Cut a long story short, she made me rally until she came to climax. It was only because of how turned on I was I came again as she did. I never forget how hard I had been fucked that night!

As soon as we were finished, she went back to normal wife. We both said how great it was and went to bed, but I knew things had changed for me that day forever.

I have some more to say about subsequent occasions, but that’s for another time. In short, I never thought my fantasy of fucking a muscular women would ever come true, let alone it being my wife. Since then she has gone up and down less and more muscular than that day. I’m in heaven!
May 08, 2020 - permalink
I love your story.  Please keep telling more!  Any chance of showing a pic of her muscles?
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