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emily brand only fans

Mar 01, 2021 - permalink

To be fair, you're not going to find a high level FBB at your local gym unless you're extremely lucky. These type of girls are one in a million which is part of the reason why they can charge what they do. Extremely low supply = higher price.

You’re right in that IFBB pros are uncommon, but depending on the gym you go, you’re going to find fit women with muscle. Crossfit gyms in particular have lots of strong and fit women.

You have to put in the effort though. That means getting in shape, actually getting involved in the community by befriending both men and women, NOT being a creep or acting schmoe-y, going to competitions and conventions, etc. Luckily, I think we are starting to see the beginning of the end of the pandemic, so more things and events are going to be opening up again.

Mar 01, 2021 - permalink

crossfit is a bit sticky for me--i spent 6-7 years around people who regularly went to the gym. as a fitness industry, it's a little too diluted to find that kind of woman.

in my example I originally went to one of the first 10 gyms, about 10 years ago. I was the youngest person there by far but everyone was kind of late 20s to late 30s. No one was really interested in being competitive in the way you'd think about it now, but back then they put a team together for regionals a few times. A few years later I signed up at one of the expansion gyms. Back then there were only a handful of crossfit gyms in the city. I had actually checked them out before i had joined the first gym but I guess i was a little bit intimidated by a more intense atmosphere (so of course like a dumb dumb I picked a farther gym).

when i did eventually sign up for that gym it was a shell of what it had been. all the competitive people had either quit or moved on to other gyms that opened up closer to them, including a handful of muscular/athletic women. In my 6 years there here are the women that were there regularly that belong on this site (at least one of them is): a wannabe regionals competitor that has now flamed out of that scene, a very brief stint by another competitor who eventually hurt herself and went home, a girl that was enthusiastic about coaching there but never actually followed through (she's got a ton on this site), and a friend of mine that I trained with for most of those years who got very focused and got normal people jacked. I am fortunate that I have gotten to see her flex.

The point being that it's an expensive activity which limits the pool (and you're likely to see someone like that at a cheaper regular gym), and there are just other factors too, including the restructuring of crossfit. I wish there were more women who embraced leaning into the hardcore aspect of it, also a lot of people just don't like the CF culture (I certainly don't, anymore).

@Gatsby is right, though. Can't just show up looking for a buff girl to latch on to. Doing all those things, going to events, being appreciative/respectful of them and their space and you'll get to have more encounters. As long as you don't go about it like a creepo

Sep 28, 2021 - permalink

> > Well this thread is focused on Emily. If you wanna start a discussion on whoever this Dylan is, feel free to start a thread.

No because I don't give a damn what they charge.

Anybody ever figure out who Dylan was?

Sep 29, 2021 - permalink

99.9% sure he was talking about Dylan Crenshaw.

Oct 02, 2021 - permalink

99.9% sure he was talking about Dylan Crenshaw.

Thanks mate! I didn't even see an OF in her link tree. Is there one? She's a big young cutie!

Oct 03, 2021 - permalink

Thanks mate! I didn't even see an OF in her link tree. Is there one? She's a big young cutie!

She doesn't do OF. However, she does have a Discord server where she posts exclusive content there.

And no, there is no nudity, so don't expect that going in.


Oct 03, 2021 - permalink

Ok let's stopping bumping this thread about Emily Brand with comments about Dylan. Anything not about Emily will be deleted below this comment.

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