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emily brand only fans

Feb 16, 2021 - permalink

I'm one of those who is easy to please. I like Emily's clips. She has a coy cuteness to her that I like. But when I subbed to her OF I was surprised by how much of a ripoff it is. Damn near every available clip on there is less than 30 secs. I dm'd her for a specific clip and was shocked that her price was $150. I asked how long the clip was and she said 5 minutes. Who has the gall to ask that kind of a price for a 5 minute iphone clip? I immediately unsubbed and moved on. That was just insulting. But it's hard to blame these women. They wouldn't be able to get away with charging such ridiculous prices if there weren't any idiots in the world willing to pay up.

Feb 17, 2021 - permalink

I see she's popped up on something called Pocketfans now. Looks like some sort of OnlyFans clone. She's charging $15 on Pocketfans, I presume she's just uploading same clips/pics to both platforms.

1 day ago - permalink

Just a comment on her pricing. She has several vids posted on the cam site she is currently working. She's selling 2 and 3 minute topless videos for like $60 ?! I emailed her and asked her if her pricing was correct because sometimes the new girls don't get it right and that $20/minute was out of hand. (especially for vanilla posing and half topless)

Her reply was, "..oh, I'll have a look at that..".

Since then, crickets from her, and more posted outrageously expensive videos. I mean I get it, its hard out there. The concept of selling 20 videos @ $15, vs selling 1 @$60 simply hasn't taken hold.

Good on her if people are paying for it. But if you're that rich guy that can afford it and pays that kind of price, cut that mess out!! LOL....you're killin the rest of us!

I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

1 day ago - permalink

If I had $60 to spend on 2 minute videos I would be putting my money on way more productive things. Like actually hanging out with muscle girls, physically. :)

1 day ago - permalink

I just want to say that came upon Kristy Stroud a few days after VDay and asked about her VDay special ($5 for 2 mins of video) and she actually kept the rate and gave me $10 for 4 mins. I don't think I've ever gotten a better rate, especially for full nude. Wonder what her rates are usually.

20 hours ago - permalink

That's exactly what I'm talking about! I got the same deal from Jennika, $10 bucks-4 minutes, full nude custom. With that kind of deal she's def in my favorites folder, I have been back more than once, and I have tipped on top. Take notes young-ins! That is how you earn, not by making it painful for your fans to support you.

13 hours ago - permalink

Indeed there must be many idiots out there paying these ridicolous prices for newcomer fbbs like Ms. Brand! Its a shame that women always win...

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