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Upload rules FAQ

Nov 04, 2018 - permalink
Some of the upload rules are subjective and up to interpretation, and I get lots of questions about them. These are:
  • No images where the focus is breasts or butt rather than muscles.
  • Women in uploaded pictures must show visible muscularity.
  • No pictures of women with overly masculine facial features or other obvious signs of steroid abuse. Facial beauty and femininity matter.
  • No contest pictures or pictures with contest tans.

Why do these rules exist?

Each of these rules represents a category of images that's acceptable in small quantities, but bad for the site in large amounts. On the one hand, the site is about muscular women. Occasional pictures of women who are just fit rather than muscular are fine, but if they were to take over the site, the site would lose its focus and would turn into a more mainstream "fit girls" page. On the other hand, occasional pictures of large female bodybuilders are one thing, but if they were to become disproportionately popular, it would alienate a large portion of the user base who aren't into that. Contest pictures are similar. In moderation, a few contest pictures of a particular model might help show off her muscular definition. In excess, it would turn off visitors who aren't into the dehydrated, fake-tanned look.

Having these rules allows me to keep these categories in check, which often includes deleting images that fall to one of these extremes.

How are these rules enforced?

Let's consider a case where you upload a picture of woman who's fit but not muscular and it gets deleted. Then you make a post: "How come my image got deleted while there are pictures of even less muscular women on the site?"

I think what some uploaders expect is that there's some single line that can be drawn between not enough muscularity vs just enough, and that all images that fall short of this line will be deleted and all of the ones that meet the bar will be kept.

From a moderation standpoint, this is impossible. There are a ton of qualities that go into judging whether a picture should be kept, including: image quality, lighting, and the particular pose and how well it highlights muscles, just to name a few. This makes it so it's really hard to judge any particular picture against another. If all pictures had models making the exact same pose then sure, maybe it could be done, but as it is it's more complicated. Also consider that I often just scan through the thumbnails which means that I spend just a fraction of a second looking at each one, so there's no way I can make completely thorough decisions in that time frame. It's likely that there's pictures that I just miss altogether.

Another angle to consider here is that I'm in a position where I have to carefully balance the ratio of not very muscular fitness women to very muscular bodybuilders. For every post like yours there's an equal and opposite thread like this of people complaining about the women in the pictures not showing enough muscle. The end result of this is that if I've just seen a bunch of pictures of fitness women while scanning through the recent uploads, or perhaps in the "high score" section on the front page, I'm more likely to delete borderline cases as a way of evening things out. Same goes for pictures of bodybuilders.

This also generalizes to contest pictures. I might keep a contest-tan image if something makes it special, for example there are several women in the picture and it also serves as a body comparison. Otherwise I might delete it.

In general: Try to model the moderation process like this: The more extreme a picture is in terms of violating one or more of the aforementioned upload rules, the more likely it is to be deleted. It's not a matter of any one particular line that is crossed.

Also: The more pictures a model has on the site, the less of a reason we need to delete new uploads of that model. If the person already has hundreds or thousands of pics on the site, chances are that additional pics aren't adding a whole lot to the site. As a result, if a picture falls into the above categories even a little bit, it's likely to be deleted because there's no reason to keep mediocre pics of a model when there are already dozens of better ones.  On the other hand, if your uploads feature people who have only a small number of pictures on the site, the bar for deletion is somewhat higher.
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