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Privacy Policy

Updated June 01, 2017

Girls with Muscle (GWM) stores some information about you if you are a registered member. While we try to minimize the amount of personal information we ask/store from you, some is necessary in order for the site to work. Here is a complete overview of that information along with how it is used:

  • Your email address. If you choose to hide your email from public (either while registering or in the user control panel), your email address will only be visible to site staff (administrators and moderators). The site staff might use it to email you about site-related matters, though such emails are rare. We do not sell or provide your email to third parties in any way. If you do not choose hide your email from public, then other registered members will be able to see your email address. Your email address will not be visible to unregistered visitors or search engines.
  • Your IP address. This is visible to site staff, but not to other visitors. Your IP address is necessary for some features on the site to work (for example, to prevent you from voting multiple times in polls).

GWM also stores cookies on your computer, which are used to automatically log you in once you navigate to the site after having previously closed your browser window. Our cookies do not track anything else about you.

Chat messages are logged on the server and can be read at any time by site staff.

Additionally, GWM runs advertising that requires the use of their own cookies to monitor their success. These ads may log your IP address and forward it to third parties.

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