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Why "but there are other, worse pics on the site!" is a fallacy

Feb 21, 2024 - edited Apr 21, 2024 - permalink

This has come up enough times in response to us deleting uploads that it's worth making a thread about it.

The general form of this complaint is: "But there are other uploads on the site that are worse!" with the implication that either your upload should be restored or a bunch of other pics should be deleted. "Worse" here can mean: more risque, less muscle showing, more butt-focused, etc., basically things in the "strongly discouraged" part of the upload rules.

This reasoning doesn't apply. This is because "there are worse pics on the site" is NOT something I consider when deleting a picture.

Here are some things I might actually consider:

  • How many pictures does that model have on the site? (My standards are more lax for models with fewer uploads)
  • How many similar images does the model already have? (The more samey are a model's pics, the less I want even more like that)
  • How long has the picture been on the site, and how many favorites does it have? (I am less likely to delete older pics that are no longer getting much attention; I aim to delete newer ones more aggressively before they get a lot of attention)

So when you find some random other pictures and say "Look, these are even worse!", you are not making an apples-to-apples comparison, and my response is "Yeah, I wasn't even trying to take that into account".

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