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Vladislava Galagan vs Alyona Shevtsova

Who's best overall? (295 total votes)

Vladislava Galagan (252, 85.4%)
Alyona Shevtsova (43, 14.6%)
Nov 20, 2023 - edited Nov 20, 2023 - permalink

From Russia with Love...considering they are both at the top as models,

I was asking myself who is the sexiest, but most importantly, who is the strongest? (based on the weights use I might have an idea. But I am not 100% sure about it)

I know it might sound stupid, but I would like to know your opinion...

Nov 20, 2023 - permalink

To be honest I haven't heard about alyona before she looks incredible but we haven't seen her full potential. but we know a lot about vladislava so i got to pick her

Nov 20, 2023 - permalink

Although Alyona can move some serious weight, I don't think she'd beat Vladislava if the latter maxed out.

Nov 20, 2023 - permalink

i really like alyona. she has a better looking face and shes skinny ripped and i like skinny ripped women. Vladislava is almost better in every other attribute. Although, id love to see alyona get a little bigger and more jacked in the future since she has that supermodel look while Vladislava has the Kardashian look for a Bodybuilder, which is awesome lol. i think both women are unique in their own way and its a close call but im choosing Alyona because she's a supermodel-like bodybuilder brought to life and i just find her more attractive. its just my opinion.

Nov 21, 2023 - permalink

Actually, Vladislava doesn't look at all like a Kardashian but really much more like The Madonna as depicted by numerous painters of the Middle Ages. Unmistakeable likeness --- even very close to a certain famous painting of a Lady by Leonardo da Vinci.

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