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FBB videos with a storyline?

Oct 23, 2023 - permalink

Does anyone know the name of the studio that used to make those long 1 hour videos with a storyline that ends up with an FBB beating up a schmoe? I think it was from the 80's or 90's.

Some of the one's I remember were this girl trying to get a promotion at work and her boss shouts at her and starts being rude, so she takes off her shirt to reveal her muscles and then beats him up. There was another one about this guy going to therapy after being beaten up by an FBB and the therapist reveals that she's also an FBB and tells him the best way to get over it is to face his fears and starts wrestling him.

Oct 23, 2023 - permalink

Builtmore was one I think, at least with some sort of storyline, there are others - Impulse also did vague storylines with FBBs.

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