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Petition to support .mov files?

3 days ago - edited 3 days ago - permalink

One of my posts of a Douyin model with excellent abs was deleted for “too much border.” I attempted to modify the file to suit this demand but my reupload was rejected by the system due to it being a .mov file. Personally I’m upset that the video was deleted at all, because it was one of my most successful uploads, but having my upload be rejected due to the file format, despite it being accepted a while ago, is unreasonable..

3 days ago - permalink

Yea I have a few clips in mov format but I aviod it. it has a lot of quirks like how it has no thumbnails in the windows file manager. and when I open it in vlc it sometimes crashes. I guess there are technical reasons for why it's not supported related to the other issues. maybe there is a way to convert them into mp4

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