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Anastasia vs Jordynne

3 days ago - edited 3 days ago - permalink

Who would love to see a wrestling match between these two wonder women? Even just a staged match...talk about muscles in motion!😳🥵


3 days ago - permalink

Ana would get folded like an accordion. Staged or not, it wouldn't be all that fun to watch because one is far too superior in skill and experience in this particular field.

3 days ago - permalink

Jordynne is a professional wrestler and a powerlifting champion. Anastasia is just an attractive woman. Not even a contest.

3 days ago - permalink

I don’t think many on this site would stand a chance against Jordynne.

If she’s not stronger than them, she has them beat on technique (wrestling).

I’d even pick her over some of the skinny MMA chicks on this site…

3 days ago - permalink

Could be cool but like the others said jordynne is too powerful. it would be like a femdom video

3 days ago - permalink

Maybe Anastasia could be trained up by Jordynne as a russian heel sidekick.....theyd make a hell of a sight as a tag team pair

2 days ago - permalink

Anastasia wouldn't last long in the wrestling business because her husband wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut about every loss she got and would probably try to get her pushed like Hogan.

2 days ago - permalink

Wait, are we sure this a slam dunk win for Jordynne?

See the two gifs below

2 days ago - permalink

Jordynne is from the Texas where those rough girls know how to rumble. She's not to be messed with.

Anastasia is from behind the Iron Curtain. Even with no training whatsoever, she would be deadly.

This would be an epic, no-holds-barred match...

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