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"New Finds" user stat

Apr 01, 2023 - edited Apr 01, 2023 - permalink

The site now has a new statistic that keeps track of the first person to have uploaded a picture of each model.

This appears in several places. You can see it in the list of models:

To get this info, it tries to find the image with the earliest upload date that is not deleted (however, merged images do count), and takes the upload time and uploader of that image.

On user profiles, you can now see the number of "new finds" that person has made, which is basically the number of models for whom that user has uploaded the first picture. Look for "New Finds". The number is clickable and takes you to the models list, filtered for only the models where that uploader has the first upload. (Due to how this works, only images with a name attached count.)

Finally, it shows up on the user list, and you can sort by it.

The idea behind this is to encourage and give credit for uploading pics of women who haven't been featured on the site before, and attaching a name to the picture.

Apr 01, 2023 - permalink

Even though I reckon this will be removed quickly, I think 430 isn't that bad :)

Apr 02, 2023 - permalink

This is very convenient and especially simplifies the search for models.

Apr 02, 2023 - permalink

I really like this!

Apr 05, 2023 - permalink

This is awesome

Apr 20, 2023 - permalink


Apr 20, 2023 - permalink

Nice. FemaleMuscle101 never disappoints.

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