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Sad facts about Muscle Women/Girls

Feb 06, 2023 - permalink

Was wondering if we can give this site a "human" touch, talking about sad things any muscle woman lived thorugh...

As the recent injury of Yanne Moura, breaking her left arm. Or the social anxiety of Tessa Barresi

Feb 07, 2023 - permalink

Thanks for providing examples this time of what you mean.

However, I'm still going to lock this thread. This all seems like stuff they wouldn't necessarily want widely shared.

Now, if you happen to see something along these lines on their social media, and it's relevant here somewhere, you can certainly talk about it. They did post it publicly, after all. However, I don't want to encourage people to dig into women's personal lives by having a thread explicitly for collecting this kind of thing.

Thread locked by Chainer.
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