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How private or public are you about your admiration of muscular women?

Jan 23, 2023 - permalink

I recently told my friend about it. but that guy is very "open". he was already giving me too many details about his sex life. he was talking about prostitutes and then i said. well i don't really think it's worth the money. but i would be willing to pay a lot for women with certain skills and body type. and then i just said i want to be bodyscissored by a fbb. My other friends never talk about that stuff to me he is a hippie.

Jan 25, 2023 - permalink

Yeah i don’t like say, “hey, uh muscular women are hot. I love their veiny biceps, huge clots, and roided out bodies,” in the middle of watching a game or talking about golf with my buddies or something. But if a muscular woman comes on tv or a movie id probably say something about her being hot. Or if that kind of topic comes up in our group for some reason Id absolutely say I’m into muscular women. A lot of my friends and obviously my wife know I’m into muscles. Maybe not to the full extent some of them, but I’m not hiding it. I mean it’d be weird if you just blurted out, “I love huge boobs,” in the middle of talking about food or beer or something not related to that topic.

Jan 29, 2023 - permalink

from not telling anyone to only telling like my 2 best friends to around 5-6yrs ago totally open about it

Jan 30, 2023 - permalink

I'd be open about it, but so far no one offline has ever expressed an interest (tragically.)

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