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Most impressive feats?

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As a massive fan of women performing ridiculous fitness feats I thought it might be fun to create a thread to share the craziest feats you've seen!

I remember in one of the Women's Strength Extravaganzas there was a girl called Mary Ryan-Jeffrey who did 36 perfect form pullups.

Alex Puccio doing a 10 second front-lever is also up there, or maybe Alex Puccio doing one arm pullups with 20lb.

And of course Gillian Ward has many mind-boggling feats such as these pushups with 176lb added weight.

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These where the most impressive ones in my opinion.

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I think Michaela Aycock certainly has a few.

She's like 5' flat and weighs usually between 135-145 or something like that.

This clip in particular, while now 5 years old, turned some heads as she did 111 reps of 135lb squat, at 137 bodyweight. I think a lot of pros commented on how they would not attempt that many reps with their bodyweight on the bar.

Here's she is pressing 100s for reps, somewhere in the 130lb range, though this is more recent:

In this clip she's doing RDLs with 315:

An older clip of her pressing 70s:

Really just nutty stuff

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Here's one of my favorite feats: https://youtu.be/Rp77hewIl3o

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Yep, Michaela Aycock is another with ridiculous feats and I love that she always gives it 110%!

Some of those circus feats are absolutely nutty too. There was a girl in the early 1900s called Lillian Leitzel who is credited with having done 249 of those rotations consecutively and 27 consecutive one arm chinups on the rings. Although I'm somewhat sceptical about that claim...

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This one of a girl scissor crushing a soccer ball and deflating it is pretty impressive:


Also, these with Kathy Bertram:



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