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Getting girls to flex

Jan 22, 2023 - permalink

Me as well please

Yeah me too :-)

Jan 22, 2023 - permalink

Stop derailing the thread with PM requests, either message the user or don't, but don't post about it here.

Jan 27, 2023 - permalink

> Hedgeborn, we are still waiting for your contribution 😀

Honestly all I ever did was strike up a light, friendly conversation. In the course of it, I'd just throw in "Hey you look pretty strong, you wanna arm wrestle?" You would be amazed by how many girls say yes, if you're chill and cool and relaxed and confident. If they resist or hesitate, just say "Come on, humor me, it'll be fun, I'll be gentle" or something like that. If she's bigger and/or obviously stronger looking than you, then this can come across as humor which can only work in your favor. If all else fails, offer them money. If you do this stuff in a bar or at a party or concert it definitely increases your chances of success substantially.

I'd say at least 85% say yes. If i can get them to arm wrestle, I can almost always get them to flex afterwords.

The secret honestly is confidence. The more relaxed and casual YOU are, the more they will be. You can ask people to do some pretty weird and random stuff and they'll do it -- if they like you and you exude friendliness and confidence. Get them talking first, tell them a joke, get them laughing. Make them want to please or impress you. Not everyone has the charisma necessary to put it off, but if you have some, you can develop that over time. The more you do this, the better you'll get at it. After a while you intuitively know who will say yes almost every time and you can tell who will really flex or really try to beat you at arm wrestling and who will just waste your time.

I've convinced many total strangers to arm wrestle, flex and even lift me in their arms (cradle style) or give me a piggyback ride! I've done it dozens of times over the years. I did a ton of it in college at parties, in bars, at concerts. I've asked convenience store clerks and hotel concierges and waitresses to arm wrestle and flex with a lot of success honestly. I don't do it nearly as much as I used to though. This was mostly in my 20s and early 30s, that was my peak LOL. (I'm in my 40s now). I am always checking out girls arms and physiques, I didn't pick people at random. I've gotten VERY good at spotting "stealth strength". Little signs that there is some extra power there. A sinewy forearm with a visible vein, thick, solid-looking thighs. Stuff like that.

I've found that waitresses are great. You've seen the big trays they carry. They are almost always at minimum 20-30% stronger than the average female I'd say. They also tend to be less shy. You do need to catch them when the restaurant isn't super busy though. If you see them after they carry a huge tray you can say something like "Wow, you must be stronger than you look!" or "I bet you don't even need a gym membership lifting those trays!" There's your opener to ask for a flex, arm wrestle, whatever.

I have a million of these...but I'll relate one story that stuck with me:

I was living in Oregon about 25 years ago and on a random scouting mission. I'd actually go out looking for girls actively to do this with sometimes. I stopped in a smaller hotel right off the road in a medium sized town (Grants Pass, OR). Hotel was nothing fancy, it was probably a La Quinta or something. Totally at random in this case. It was around 8 pm, no one around but the concierge, a cute dirty blonde around 5ft7 and probably 140 lbs, in her mid 20s I'd say.

I was a 22 yr old college student at the time, around 5ft7, 155 lbs. I wasn't a big guy, but not a complete wimp either, I was in decent shape if not super fit. I made some conversation indicating I had family visiting from out of town and they might stay there, could she tell me about the amenities, show me a room etc. We talked for a while, I cracked a joke or two and saw she was quite friendly. I also noticed she had big, shapely calves. I've noticed that girls who have muscle mass in one place, tend to have it in others. So before I was about to leave I just say totally at random "Are you pretty strong?" She laughed and said "What???"

I repeated my question. She said "Oh, yup, I am." nodding her head (I love getting that answer! Usually they say "i don't know, why?", but I can work with that too). So I said "Haha let's armwrestle, come on, humor me". I put my elbow down on the narrow hotel counter before she could argue and low and behold. she squared up with me!

Let me tell you, I was NOT expecting what I got. She grasped my hand and looked at me and just waited for me to pull, instead pulling against me first, So I did, slowly raising the pressure...more..and more.. And I could NOT budge her freaking arm. I could barely move her an inch. I couldn't believe it. She was trying to hold me there, exerting effort, but not a lot lol. I was blown away. Finally after what seemed like 2 minutes of this, I was like "you're unbelievable!".

She said "Awww... Believe it." Then she started to pull and I didn't have a chance. I swear to you all, I used every ounce of strength I had and I couldn't stop her. It took her about 20 seconds until she was grinding my knuckles into the countertop. I got a massive head rush that almost knocked my off my feet (some of you guys know exactly what I'm talking about)

I couldn't get enough, I was like an addict haha. I managed to get her to arm wrestle me at least 5 or 6 more times, both hands. Same result every time. I could NOT beat her. . I tried just to hold her in place one time and I couldn't even do that either! I could tell she definitely had some technique in play (I have none). I asked her about it and she said her dad taught her how to arm wrestle. Finally I asked her to flex by saying "Let's see your muscles."

She obliged happily, rolling up the sleeve of her work/dress shirt and giving me a good, solid flex. First thing I noticed was her forearms were solid and big for a girl her size. Her bicep wasn't super ripped and defined, but there was a nice big swell there, If I had to guess, I'd say at least 14" which is really impressive for an average girl. I gave her arm a squeeze since she was holding it there like she was waiting for me to and it was solid as hell. I could tell it would be. She had just a light layer of baby fat on top, nice soft skin.

Her arm wasn't rock hard like someone who lifts hardcore, it was just very, very firm and the mass was clearly there. If she actually lifted weights, she'd be incredible. She told me she rode horses regularly and did work on her families ranch nearby. I was praying no one would show up in the tiny hotel lobby to ruin my fun and no one did, I was so happy. Finally I had to wrap it up though. I was amazed in all this time she didn't seem to think it was the least bit weird for a guy in bicycle shorts (I was riding) to spend half an hour in the lobby at 8 pm arm wrestling her LOL.

I figure I just broke up the boredom of her evening so she was happy for the entertainment. Never saw her again. I went by the hotel once or twice hoping to run into her again but I didn't ask for her. I do remember her name was Krystal. If you saw her, you would never think she was crazy strong or great at arm wrestling, but those of you who have a keen eye like me would notice that she was more solidly built than the average 20-something female. You might notice her big calves or thick forearms. But otherwise, very discrete.

Anyway, I lived for that stuff. That was one of the better encounters be sure. I stayed "high" off of that one for hours afterwards LOL.

I could probably write a book with all the encounters like this I've had since high school and through college and beyond honestly. Once I figured out that I could just ask girls to arm wrestle and flex and that they'd do it about 80-85% of the time there was no stopping me hahaha.

Very interesting. Love your techniques in spotting females that appear stronger than most.

Jan 27, 2023 - permalink

playing it cool is the keay... sometimes its not easy to hide the excitement on the other hand its pretty nice that feeling an arm or commeinting a bare arm won't be a thing considereded a sexual thing like commenting boobs or butts or checking out the cleavage of a coworker which might get u into trouble. if u play it cool even though u love what u are just seeing, its great

Yup, EXACTLY. Most girls & women won't think of this stuff as overtly sexual. Maybe harmless flirtation depending on the circumstances. But the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed they'll be. I've also found that humor is a very helpful social lubricant here (if you're actually naturally funny). You don't have to actually BE relaxed. I was excited as hell about getting a girl to arm wrestle or flex every single time. Like CRAZY excited. I just got really good at acting casual, relaxed and confident. Fake it until you make it. Incidentally these are all the same things that apply to asking women for their number or social media too. If anything asking them to arm wrestle or flex is often easier believe it or not.

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Very interesting. Love your techniques in spotting females that appear stronger than most.


Yeah I spent a lot of time thinking about it and I guess I've developed a bit of a 6th sense for it. Even when I can't see their upper arms or much of their legs or there isn't a lot of visible, defined muscle. There are subtle cues that tip me off and I'm rarely wrong.

One is definitely forearms and shoulders. Girls with thicker forearms and broader shoulders tend to have more upper body strength and are better at arm wrestling in my experience. I always check out their arms really carefully when I can. There aren't a ton of women with really defined biceps, but definition has nothing to do with strength really, it has to do with bodyfat and water retention.

So, in other words, there are a lot of deceptively strong females out there that don't look overtly muscular at first glance. Believe it or not a woman can double her strength without a dramatic change of appearance.

The other thing I've found matters a great deal is attitude. There are few things more frustrating than a girl who I KNOW is strong, but is either holding back or underestimating herself. This REALLY comes into play with lift and carry more than anything else I think.

If you're under 250 lbs, just about any female can give you a piggyback ride. If you're 200 lbs or less, than quite a lot of them can fireman's carry you. If you're around 150-160 lbs or so like me, you have it made. Just about any average female can do all of those lifts with you AND cradle carry you too. And if you're one of the rare guys who is 140 lbs or less, then the world is your oyster. Pretty much any average young women can throw you around the room with ease. You just need to convince her she can do it and make it happen.

I promise you it's true. But a lot of it comes down to whether or not they believe they can do it. A lot of girls will only sort of half-ass the attempt, especially with the cradle carry. The truth is, if they believe they can do it and they commit to it, they usually can. I have seen some CRAZY stuff. Like a 5-ft-7 120 lb skinny girl in college cradle carrying a football player who had to weigh over 250 lbs easily. How? She believed she could do it and she had just enough strength, balance and coordination to pull it off.

Now you're wondering what you can do with that information. Well, two things.

1.) Take personality into account in who you ask. That smaller, wiry girl with lots of energy might not look that strong to you, but she's more likely to go for it with enthusiasm and sweep you right off your feet! More animated, outgoing girls and females who are athletes are almost always more likely to pull off a lift properly. (but don't sleep on the quiet ones, there are some really strong and silent types too)

2.) If there's anything you can do to encourage them or boost their confidence in this, do it. Tell them your 12 year old nephew can do it, so she won't have any problem. Tell them "I BELIEVE IN YOU!!" or get them excited/psyched, pumped up for it. Something like that.

The last tip I have is to think about what they do for a living or for a hobby.

Females who ride horses a lot tend to be pretty damn strong in my experience. (They're WAY more likely to give you a rib-cracking body scissors too, if you get that far), But hoisting saddles and hay bales and all the horse stuff takes real strength. Bonus points if you know anything about horses yourself and can engage them in conversation.

Female swimmers also tend to be really, really strong as well. I mean competitive swimmers. Ask if they play/played any sports in college. If you find a swimmer, equestrian or a gymnast, you may have struck gold. Obviously girls who wrestle and definitely dedicated crossfitters too, both are usually ridiculously strong for their size even when they don't appear outwardly muscular.

Ex or current competitive gymnasts are by far the strongest pound-for-pound that I've seen though. It doesn't even make sense how strong they are. I arm wrestled a buddies ex-girlfriend once who was a competitive gymnast from age 9-15 (she was 19 when I arm wrestled her).

Now, this was one of the few times I was genuinely embarrassed to lose to be honest, because she was TINY. She was MAYBE 5-ft-2 at most and perhaps 110-115 lbs. Small and cute, but I was not expecting the strength. It was absurd. Even her grip strength was like a adult mans. As soon as she gripped my hand I was like "Oh shit...whaaaat??"

She didn't wait like the hotel concierge girl either hahah. She just put her foot to the gas and had me halfway down before I knew what was happening. I insisted on 3 re-matches of course, but I couldn't beat her. I couldn't even hold her in the middle for long. I swear to you guys, I am not a noodle-armed wimp either! She was just ridiculous and I would never have guessed it. But a big part of it was her confidence too. Yeah, she was VERY strong for a girl her size, but she had also obviously arm wrestled a bunch of guys before and won, so she sized me up and probably knew she had a good chance against me and I had no idea I was going to get slaughtered LOL.

Jan 27, 2023 - permalink

Females who ride horses a lot tend to be pretty damn strong in my experience. (They're WAY more likely to give you a rib-cracking body scissors too, if you get that far), But hoisting saddles and hay bales and all the horse stuff takes real strength. Bonus points if you know anything about horses yourself and can engage them in conversation.

There are a few female horse riders where I am living. One of them looks as though she could be pretty strong

Jan 31, 2023 - permalink

> > Well u can show it if u like

I will message in your private then, i dont feel right share it here lol

Can I have a copy either? Thanks..

Feb 02, 2023 - permalink

I have this girl at work that I keep seeing carrying some heavy stuff with no issues. She's short and seems skinny, but she has to have some defined arms, there's no way she's doing all this lifting without some muscle. I've never seen her arms yet, because I joined in during the winter and she keeps wearing long sleeves, but hopefully I get a nice surprise when she comes to work in a tanktop for the first time.

Feb 02, 2023 - permalink

Ya I made the mistake of being too enthusiastic about it. I didn’t start out that way but tbh once it got easier to get what I wanted I wasn’t as reserved and it got me a ban on getting to take pics

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