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Glute Clenching

Jun 18, 2022 - permalink

One of my personal favorite displays is when she flexes from a firm, tight, round booty into a shredded clench that looks like it could crush rocks. Yeah, I know it's not humanly possible, but a man can dream 😉

This is the thread for posting your favorite glute clenches! You can post them clenching

At the gym:

On stage:

In the shower:

At home:

Anywhere is fine, you get the idea.

Jun 18, 2022 - edited Jun 18, 2022 - permalink

My fave vid, and place, in the bedroom!

Jun 21, 2022 - permalink

Not a typical clench (with the hips forward) but a clench nonetheless (about the 12 second mark):

Jun 23, 2022 - permalink

It's not a rock, but it's still impressive.

Jun 23, 2022 - permalink


Jun 23, 2022 - permalink

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