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Policy Regarding Before/After Images

Jun 12, 2022 - edited Jun 23, 2022 - permalink

This site strives for quality more so than quantity. That said, "before and after" (or transformation/progress) images can quickly become a dime a dozen, especially when one or both pics being used are already on this site. So if you decide to upload a before/after image, know that it has a higher chance of being merged or deleted if:

  • One or more pics being used are from a paysite, involve nudity, or involve minors (if she is under 18 in either pic, it will be deleted). In other words, the same general upload rules still apply here.
  • All pics being used in the image are already on the site in higher quality.

That said, sometimes a user will upload an image where the before pic is unique (not previously featured on this site) but the after pic is already on this site. For these images, I will overlook them if it happens to be an objectively good comparison (she is posing roughly the same way in both pics, and there is not too much of a difference in perspective). An example of this would be:

The "after" pic does exist on the site in higher quality, but (to my knowledge) the "before" pic has never been uploaded. Of course, anyone is welcome to send in an image report if they do find evidence to the contrary.

These same principles also apply to images comparing 2 different women (separate pics being used in the same image). Some users seem to really enjoy creating these, and that's fine. However I will say that these are more suitable for the forum rather than the main site. As I write this, I know of more than one thread dedicated to comparisons/transformations, so you are more than welcome to upload these images there.

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