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Your queue uploads no longer get auto-deleted

May 18, 2022 - edited May 18, 2022 - permalink

Previously we had a feature where if you uploaded an image to the queue (for approval), and it was still in the queue after 5 days, it would get auto-deleted.

This is no longer the case. The image will stay in the queue until one of two things happens:

  • It is approved to the site by a mod.
  • You delete it yourself.

(Mods may still delete images from the queue, but we are not guaranteed to do so.)

I am making this change for two reasons:

  • The hard five-day limit created a situation where images could slip through the cracks if mods didn't check the entire queue on a regular enough schedule.
  • It created an incentive where you could upload a lot of low-quality uploads and if they didn't get approved, no big deal, they'd get deleted anyway. Now you have to go through the effort to weed them out yourself.

There is a link to see and delete your current queue uploads on the upload page:

May 27, 2022 - permalink

I really like Kristin Holte, Chainer. I accidentally upload her photo, but it wasn’t the one I wanted to upload. Can I get another try? How do you get 5 max uploads?😊

Calm down and take a deep breath...

Every 24 hrs, you are granted 2 direct uploads. Bonus uploads are determined upon the popularity of your current uploads (how many upvotes they have received). If you feel like your upload is not suitable for the site and you would later like to replace it with a different upload, then that is your prerogative... every uploader has the option to delete their upload.

May 27, 2022 - permalink

Your question was about direct uploads, which is the right button on the upload page:

This is when you upload pictures and they appear on the site right away.

However, everything I wrote in my post only applies to queue (staff approval) uploads:

where, when you upload, your pictures first go into a backlog of pictures that someone from the site staff has to manually approve to appear on the site first.

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