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Online coaches?

May 13, 2022 - permalink

A lot of girls with images on this site provide online coaching.

Anyone try some? Who are the best online coaches you guys know of?

May 14, 2022 - permalink

I did a lot of online coaching sessions with many fitness girls. A lot of girls are quite overpriced but some of the girls (especially the ones abroad) can be cheaper and I learned awfully lot from them. Some of the girls who trained me are on this site. I can give their contact with private message.

Anyway... it can be so sensual that I'm surprised not a lot of people here tried it. Sometimes it can even feel like working out together with those girls. I can tell more details if you ask me specific topics

3 days ago - permalink
Deleted by PaulMasvidal
3 days ago - permalink

Do you want results or do you want a parasocial relationship with a woman in the fitness industry?

Every resource you could possibly want for training is freely available on the internet. If you think a coach would help you stay focused and consistent, then you'd be better off hiring someone in person.

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