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How many women are referenced on this website?

Apr 05, 2022 - permalink

I was just curious how many women are referenced on this website. Which leads to another question: how big of a trend is female bodybuilding nowadays? It seems more exposed and accepted than ever, but how many women actually practice it?

Apr 06, 2022 - permalink

Hello everyone. I have no idea of ​​the number of women. What I am sure of is that it increases every day and that is very good. I am 50 years old, today it is much easier to carry out this beautiful fetish. When I was 15 years old, getting or seeing material on muscular women was an impossible mission, especially in South America. Today it is simple and abundant, and we should be thankful for that.

Apr 06, 2022 - permalink

Today it is simple and abundant, and we should be thankful for that.

Amen, brother!

Apr 07, 2022 - permalink

I don't have access to the information on the number of unique names here, but GWM is more than just body builders. It includes women from other sports, such as CrossFit and traditional athletics too.

Sports like CrossFit (probably not the only high profile sport) certainly seem to make it more socially acceptable for women to be in great athletic shape, but I am sure the trend is both varied based culture and geography. Using this site as a reference to judge that change is probably not the best, since we are in our own bubble (even if anyone is free to peer in).

I think the main thing is whatever the reality, you should be comfortable admitting you like strong women, but at the same time know that there are still people around who will look at you funny.

Apr 07, 2022 - permalink

Keeping track on individuals can be difficult as we usually name them according to online usernames, which they can change as they wish. So, firstly, a huge effort to merge online usernames/nicknames and real names/aliases should be done.

Apr 09, 2022 - permalink

It's a bit hard to get an exact number due to duplicate naming for the same person and whatnot, but I ran a script and got 64,650, which is probably in the ballpark (not counting images without a name of course).

Apr 09, 2022 - permalink

Interesting to notice that a small community of enthusiasts can keep track of +64 thousand people.

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