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Collages & image uploads

Jan 28, 2022 - edited Mar 02, 2022 - permalink

If you have the choice of uploading an image collage or a small set of images from that collage, best to do the latter. At the same time don’t try cutting up the collage and instead find the images that made it up, or one of the images that made it up. We still want to maintain a certain quality.

In most cases, if we are presented an image and a collage that includes that image, we will almost always prioritise the single image, during a merge.

Before and after photos are their own special case and we are less likely to merge the images, but that is down to the moderator’s discretion.

Collages involving different women should be avoided completely, since they will most-likely be deleted. They generally add little value and would cause challenges for a reasonable merge.

Also, if you really need to upload a collage keep the number of contained images low, otherwise it will likely get removed.

We don't like rejecting images, but at the same time want to maintain a certain standard in what gets presented here, so we have to decide on what gets accepted or rejected.

Mar 28, 2024 - permalink

I understand that last paragraph - but if images from (say) 10 years ago are being uploaded, then quality will not compare with new images. Consideration should be given to why an old image is being uploaded.

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