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Dec 02, 2021 - permalink

When, oh when, will women stop injecting botox into their lips so they look like fish??? It's such a grotesque look, and one would think these women's friends would tell them so.

Many of the FBB's at this site indulge in this bizarre cosmetic procedure with equally repulsive results, "The Truck" (Natalia Trukhina) being one of the worst offenders.

At least in her case, I imagine none of her acquaintances DARES tell her how silly her fish lips look.

Does anyone else here agree with my opinion about botox abuse?

Dec 02, 2021 - permalink

Couldn't you have kept that to yourself, nothing good could come from this but bashing women.

Dec 02, 2021 - permalink

I think it looks awesome!

Dec 02, 2021 - permalink

There are some that prefer a tactically farkled, yet sensible, bike, and others who lust after an Orange County Chopper.

Botox is something else, BTW

Dec 02, 2021 - permalink

Because if there is one thing that women like, it’s when dudes tell them to stop doing things to their bodies! /s

Dec 03, 2021 - permalink

Sometimes it looks utterly beyond human in an intoxicatingly sexy way. Sometimes it's the most disgusting thing you've ever seen.

I love what Louise Rogers and Monique Jones have done with their lips.

May 19, 2022 - edited May 19, 2022 - permalink


May 19, 2022 - permalink

Well first of all, it's not botox, that's the treatment to kill certain nerves and cause relaxation of muscles in the face to make skin appear smoother. What you're talking about is filling.

Second, it's perfectly fine to have an opinion on how this looks, I know I do, but I don't go around sharing it unprovoked because what they do doesn't harm me.

May 19, 2022 - permalink

I don't understand this trend either, they look like inflatable sex-dolls lips to me.

May 19, 2022 - permalink

Collagen injections last a few weeks and are relatively harmless.

There's a fair amount of dysmorphia in this sport, exacerbated by social media. Think about it... these women prepare for years, subjecting themselves to strict diets and brutal workout schedules, not to mention the considerable expense of supplements and travel. The result is stepping onto a stage at some convention center, dying themselves with expensive products, wearing gaudy non-functional swimwear, and subjecting themselves to the opinion of a set of judges who tell them to parade this way and that. It's a zero-sum competition, but most of the women who do it are more enamored of the journey than the destination.

3 days ago - permalink

I don't want to confuse Botox with collagen and other fillers. There seem to be A LOT of women on this site who have NO facial expressions that you expect from people. Since Botox deadens nerves (as I understand it), does the common use of cosmetic procedures explain their stone faces?

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