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Asian-American muscle fans?

Nov 29, 2021 - edited Nov 29, 2021 - permalink

I guess since no one has made this thread yet, I'll start it off.

Roll call for all Asian-American muscle girl lovers! Whether you're Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Singaporean, etc. Or you're first-gen, second-gen, third-gen, etc.

I myself am a first-generation Cambodian-American, and I'm really into big beautiful muscular girls with big legs, big quads and calves, and most importantly, big ass/glutes!

I had been a fan of Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, Sable, and Chyna from WWE during my childhood, but I first discovered female muscle erotica shortly before I started high school, when I stumbled on Heather Armbrust (and her glute bouncing abilities) and Melissa Dettwiller (and her pec bouncing abilities).

Ever since then, I've had a collection of many muscle women of different ethnicities. From white girls:

To black girls:

To many latin girls, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, etc:

But of course, I have my many faves of Asian muscle girls, several of which I've discovered on this site, like Olivia Bian Ruiying, An Da Jeong, Park Borkim, Michelle Dong, Lili Dong, and Darlene Tran.

Also, I've really been digging Ranya Dally, who's Middle Eastern (Palestinian).

I'm really interested in seeing other fellow Asians who have a strong female muscle fetish, and more specifically, a die-hard lower body fetish (ass, quads, calves, hammies). I kinda feel like I'm a minority within my own ethnicity regarding my sexual/body type preferences, but it would be really awesome to see who has the same tastes.

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