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What's the psychological reason why a man might be attracted to a woman with muscles?

Nov 22, 2021 - permalink

Yes, we are the ones that don't confirm to the normal roles of male and female. Like you said I'm not only attracted if the girl has more muscles but is more intelligent, has a better job / money etc etc

But this does not mean that I want to be weak in every aspect of life. I have a good physique, a great job and I think above average intelligence. If both partners strive for greatness then they spur each other and go far in life. That is very attractive

Well not to toot my own horn or anything but it's pretty rare for a girl to be outright more intelligent than me.

But Women in general usually are better at having their life together and are harder working and because of that they're increasingly making more money than men.

Now we just need to get them to start lifting weights more.

Nov 22, 2021 - permalink

More muscles = more curves. Big arms and legs are just as eye-catching as big boobs and butts.

Big boobs signal generosity. Not that the woman would want to sleep with everyone but that once you are with her, she will be all about you.

I am not saying that there aren't selfish psychopaths running around who happen to have big boobs. Just saying that on a woman who has the right mindset, the male mind interprets boobs as a bonanza of care and comfort.

Nov 22, 2021 - permalink

We select for all manner of things with regard to being able to acquire resources. Some not-small percentage of humans seek out strong partners because they feel this would provide greater security for any potential offspring.

The biologically most attractive female form looks something like this:


Problem with that thing about security is that it confuses real instincts with imagined rationalizations. What a mature man is mostly after in a woman in biological sense is fertility. And the figure of Venus is the epitome of that. Attraction to muscles on a woman is always about idiosyncrasies of the particular man. For some reason some man feels safe and accepted if the woman is able to be in control.

Another possible explanation is that the man needs the woman to have a basic insecurity which she then compensates with muscles, veins, tattoos and such tough girl stuff. If the woman was just mentally confident the man would find hard to feel or experience or enjoy that on a visceral level. But through the muscles this becomes possible.

Contrary to my earlier explanation the insecurity is not necessarily in the man but can also be a fear of insecurity in women. The man does not need the woman's confidence per se but a tangible sign of confidence.

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