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What would you do with a muscular women on a date ?

Nov 16, 2021 - permalink

Read the comments by hedgeborn and Gatsby.

Nov 17, 2021 - permalink

My go to date with any woman muscular or otherwise is: I cook for her and make her laugh as much as possible.

Nov 17, 2021 - permalink

I'd work as hard as I could to make a complete ass of myself. I'd fawn and drool over her; I'd bow to her and ask if I could lick her calves. I'd confide in her that I've always dreamed of being beaten up by muscular women. I'd tell her all about my other girlfriend: the one who weighs 90lbs. I'd make goo-goo eyes at her over dinner and whisper things like "wooooooooooooooo" and "boing".

And then I'd ask her to pick up the check.

You know. Just like every other date that I've ever been on.

Another effort to make friends

Seriously pm me. You don't need to be shy

Nov 18, 2021 - permalink

> Just treat her like any other girl. Don’t have to treat her any different or act a certain way. Only difference is that you have a workout partner as committed as you. That’s from my personal experience at least

Exactly this.

I wish more men realized this. These guys wonder why they can't connect with muscular/strong women and this is why. They want to be treated like every other woman. With respect, not as a sex object of your fantasies FFS. This misunderstanding is the same thing that leads to these guys making stupid comments like "can you lift a car" or "will you crush me to death" on their fucking Instagram and YouTube channels and then wondering why they go private. [facepalm]

I feel like we need an orientation or a training for some of these guys to learn how to behave. To answer the original question, when I've gone out on dates with muscular women, I do the same things I do with any other woman. I get to know them and I let them get to know me. I don't ask them to flex 12 times at the dinner table and if I can measure their biceps. Believe it or not, they usually don't like that. Just like you wouldn't like it if you dated a woman who had a fetish for fingernails or something and took no interest in you as a person, but just wanted to constantly look at your fingernails and caress them and ask you to indulge in fingernail fantasies. People don't like being treated like sex objects. At least not all the time. Not healthy people anyway. I really wonder about some of these guys. They are either 12 years old or they've never talked to a real live woman in their lives.

Thank you! People are trying way too hard and need to realize these woman just want to be treated like anyone else. Be a gentleman, treat them to a nice time, and you’ll be rewarded mark my words. Worked for me with someone well known on this site w/over 400 subs. Unfortunately no names will be shared due to her privacy. Point being said don’t be a creep and just be a gentleman

Nov 20, 2021 - permalink

We eat. Play. Repeat.

Nov 20, 2021 - permalink

We eat. Play. Repeat.

Yeah. Food. Bodybuilders like food, this is key.

4 days ago - permalink

I would begin by adjusting the passenger seat of my car as close as possible to the dash. When she couldnt get comfortable, I'd make a lot of comments regarding her being such a massive example of womandom because "all my huge man friends fit with no problem."

When in line for dinner, I'd pick fights with other patrons, then point out that my life-partner could kick their ass (while pointing).

I'd order an enourmous steak for her and a salad for myself.

At the movie theater, I'd ask the cashier to give me a discount on four tickets, since two would be for her shoulders. Then start fights with other patrons, but use a flashlight to show her off (because the theater is dark).

Back at my mom's place, I'd turn on the hidden cameras in my bedroom, then measure her and get her to tell me what she can bench. Then I'd say "prove it" and drag out the weights I keep in the closet for such an occasion.

After a night of bliss, I'd awaken about 3AM and post photos and stories on the NSFW forums.

In the morning, I'd sneak her out wearing a blanket (saying I was concerned about the cold) but really because I didnt want my creepy neighbors to see me with a muscle woman.

Then I'd call/text/email her all day long asking for another date.

Now that sounds like romance. 😂😜🤫

3 days ago - permalink

I always thought Collette Nelson and Dana Lynn Bailey would be fun dates.

2 days ago - permalink

Now that sounds like romance. 😂😜🤫

I did once take Karla Nelsen to Outback Steakhouse, so part of it is true.

2 days ago - permalink

Easy. Don't ask her any questions, keep talking about how awesome "I" am, remind her how lucky she is to have me as a bf (on the first date), make sure I'm in the restroom when the check comes, steal any cash tips she leaves, ask her for gas money because I drove out of my way to come see her.

The whole time I am drawing a picture meticulously, and when she asks to see it, she will discover it is a picture of ... wait for it ... myself with imaginary muscles.

Oh yeah and I would order her food, because I know what's good for my "little lady".

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