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I just have to ask...

Nov 09, 2021 - permalink

DewDrop challenged the most important of all people:

Are you really a viscount? I didn't see you at the gathering.

Laird Dunsberryshire

Verily, I am that, yes! Except for Sunday afternoons, when I double as a hot-air balloon.

But I am NOT merely these things, I am also a leader of a movement!

Join MY crusade against the knaves who pollute the Photo Section, and turn benign photographs into fantasies that I personally disapprove of! This perverted pornography shall not stand, for my biased opinions are indubitably facts! Please listen to me, I am very, VERY important and a paragon of morality!


Viscount Bigglesworth, non-slobberer of benign photography/hot-air balloon (e-mail for inquiries)

Nov 09, 2021 - permalink

let's not resort to ad hominems and all that. very quickly turning into the comment section anyways, if it visited a thesaurus thrice weekly

Nov 09, 2021 - permalink

Ok. Is it my imagination or are there a WHOLE LOT of really, really stupid comments in the photo section?

Yes. [Thread closed]

Thread locked by chipperpip.
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