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Bicep sleeve rip

Oct 21, 2021 - permalink

Hello, are there any videos that show a muscular girl wear a tight shirt and rip the shirt sleeve just by flexing her bicep? I think some girls like Erika Darago would definitely able to do it. If you know any clip or video (free or even for sale) that show a girl ripping a sleeve by bicep flex plese post the link here.

Oct 21, 2021 - edited Oct 24, 2021 - permalink

There was a thread on a similar subject months ago, I'll just repost what I did there:

It's a pretty rare thing to see in real life outside of specific fetish contexts since it isn't generally physically feasible without rigged shirts.

Here are a few on the site that fit the theme:

Mona Poursaleh (Mona_Quadzilla/ThickEverywhere on HBC) has some of the best videos of this type ever, outside of animated stuff. I really love this one of hers on musclegirlworld (preview pic):


The rest of my favorites are in her VODs on HBC, preview pics for those:

The titles of those videos are:

Ripping short sleeves with biceps

Ripping shirt and flexing biceps

Sleeve ripping with biceps

Ripping shirt

(Some of her HB VODs are also really great for general flexing-in-sleeves without tearing, if you like that too)

Oct 24, 2021 - permalink

Thank you.

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