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Kiki Vhyce - can we keep more pics please?

Oct 15, 2021 - permalink

Hey everyone,

I understand that the moderators are removing Kiki pics because they are too similar but it's getting ridiculous.

When i check most of my kiki notifications they are already deleted. NUISANCE!

The other day there was a stunning pic of her in red leggings, i faved it, next day it's gone.

Has she asked for this moderation? Why are her pics being removed when there are so many other girls with samey or low quality pics. Im for keeping more kiki pics, who's with me?

Oct 15, 2021 - permalink

Kiki has 11 pages (11!) of very similar looking photos. Everything she posts doesn’t need to be uploaded. Feel free to save these to your hard drive if you’re afraid they might be deleted but the reality is she posts the same poses repeatedly. Her Instagram is open and public, also, so there’s no need to post every one of her posts.

Thread locked by fp909.
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