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Do not reveal identities of models from herbicepscam (HBC)

Oct 14, 2021 - edited Oct 14, 2021 - permalink

I will chime in here also--I have no vested interest in HBC.

I have heard from multiple women over the years who were previously "anonymous" aka a little difficult to find from their HBC profile alone who have received multiple multiple off-HBC messages from fans ranging from innocent to harassment, including DMing them photos on HBC of their children (if they had any) scraped from social media, or even sending unsolicited gifts IRL.

Obviously we can't make blanket accusations on who is behaving this way, but that behavior is frankly unacceptable, and in the interest of keeping their lives intact as they are this rule is in place. in the interest as a selfish fan, I don't want the women I like to stop in on from time to time disappearing for good because some horny fan decided it was in their best interest to reach out and make it weird, or worse.

Yes, HBC has been stringent in their treatment of customers who don't follow TOS--I am one of them, and I readily acknowledge I broke the rules and they closed me out for it, but they didn't plaster my information anywhere.

Even if they are for whatever reason keeping brand cohesion by using their social handle as their HB name, or advertising their HB account publicly, I would still find it inappropriate. Many of you know I write privately under this handle and have for years--and I would hate to have it exposed publicly for any reason, lest it jeopardize my career and/or relationships.

Quick edit: just because we know who they are and it's obvious to fans who they are on HBC doesn't mean that it should be obvious to everyone. If they wanted their family and friends to know they were on cam several hours a week I don't think they would pick a stage name at all.

Please recall Brooke "Holladay" picking a stage name, and then some people eventually finding her real last name on the internet. Pretty sure she got harassed and she hasn't done a shoot since.

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