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Why are there more and more muscular women?

Oct 05, 2021 - permalink

at a local LA fitness, a bunch of tech bros were overheard saying how much easier/fun it is to lift on gear. they prob weren't taking much but they were prob your average dude. so many people casually use now.

Tell me about it. The temptation to jump on gear gets stronger each day.

Oct 05, 2021 - permalink

sadly it will do nothing for my calf genetics.

i do have my head on a swivel these days play beach vb. usually i will play poorly if i see a nicely built woman nearby lol like last weekend...

Oct 05, 2021 - permalink

During the last 3 years I ve found a lot of muscular girls in the streets. Just staying a month in Chicago I saw four and the best abs ever.

Oct 06, 2021 - permalink

Tell me about it. The temptation to jump on gear gets stronger each day.

I agree.

I'm 29 years old and I have been lifting weights since I was 15. Never have I ever been so tempted to try gear until now.

I will also say that social media plays a role in this in order to achieve that ideal physique. So more average gym-goers are curious about going on gear since it is so casual. Some bodybuilders and influencers are transparent about it, so the knowledge is being shared among the public so the temptation will be there naturally. It's a lot quicker to get that physique too if they are on it.

Plus, since I have been lifting for quite a while it would be a sight to see plateaus being broken. But it isn't something that beginners go through if they hop on immediately. Strength and size will come exponentially instead of that slow grind.

Oct 07, 2021 - permalink

This thread completely missing the point on the drug front. The designer PEDs are more available and better refined than say 25 years ago. They are easily acceptable in low doses and are used by just about every girl on this site and mainstream women are seeing the drugs as a help to the body image problems women and young girls are always fighting. They are working out more but even your neighbor is probably using VAR or something in small amounts.

yup, this

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