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Petit with muscles visibel through jeans

Oct 02, 2021 - permalink

As I told you before, one of my earliest muscle fascinations was a girl I had a crush on as a teenager. She is a year younger than me and I have only met her a few times since our teenage years. We both moved from the small city we grow up in. When she was 15-16 she flexed alot for me and realy liked it when I felt her muscles. She was, and still is, petit about 160-162 cm i guess. Maybe 52 kg's. Her legs was so strong and hard. Both quads and calves. When I last saw her(4-5 yrs ago) she was with her husband and kids but flexed her legs so I could se without her husband knowlng. We both became doctors and yesterday I met her again at a conference we both attended. I turned out she divorsed shortly after we last met. I think that had something to do with why she flexed for me then. We had dinner last night at the hotel and talked alot about old times. My fascination for her strong legs ofcourse came up and I reminded her about how her legs at 14-16 realy turned me on and that I had a serious crush on her then. She ofcourse remebered and knew I loved her muscles and other natural female muscles. She had seen pictures of, but never met, my wife and said that she noticed her excellent arms and shoulders. She said that her legs are even stronger now since she was running and biking alot. She had thigh jeans on and I already noticed her muscles. They kind of showed through the jeans. I complimented her and she, as in our teens, started to flex her legs and wanted me to feel her muscles. Now I am happily married but could not resist her invitation, as you all understand. When she flexed her quads they realy stretched the denim and through the fabric you could see the three different front heads of the thigh muscle. This I think is extremely sexy. When I felt them they where absolutely rock hard. She has hardly no fat at all in her legs. I asked if she still could flex her calves into diamond shaped muscles without rising up om her toes. Could she ever. If her thighs are rock hard, calves are diamond hard. The jeans was not thigh over the calves but I felt the muscles. We moved to the bar and her flexing continued. She said her ex never realy liked her hard muscular body. He wanted her softer. I can not understand this she has exactly the kind of body I love. At the bar she pulled up the trouser leg and tightened the calf muscles to the max as she rose up on her toes. She was my very first calf muscle love and now it looked and felt even better. Maybe 12” solid muscle. Her show continued for a while and she knew that she realy turned me on. Her legs are amazing, way better than my wifes, and I love it. Her biceps on the other hand are small, 10.5” maybe, but round and firm. They can not in any way compete with my wifes rock hard excellent peaks. It took quite some will power not to go with her to the room.

Well this is the kind of muscles that turns me on. What about you? Do you like slim, natural muscles? Have you had similar experience? I find it easy to get women with natural muscles to flex and show. Most seems to like the compliments and attention.

Oct 06, 2021 - permalink

… is it just me who is interested in naturally strong, petite women with surprisingly hard muscles that kind of just pops out when flexed?

Oct 06, 2021 - permalink

Usually people are more open to discussion when they don't have to read a lengthy story to get started. This is a tip for creating future threads. The effort is appreciated, but this kind of writing is more or less expected in the Stories section of the forum.

Basically you want to reel them in first, then get into the details later, once the discussion has started.

Oct 06, 2021 - permalink

Wall-of-text violation. Write a compelling opening line, something like, "Call me Ishmael."

Oct 06, 2021 - permalink

even just a couple of line breaks helps alot

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