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Which European nation has embraced female bodybuilders the most?

4 days ago - permalink

Not sure if this post has been done before, point me in the right direction if it has!

In which nation would you say women's bodybuilding is popular? Which European nation has embraced bodybuilding the most in general?

Just curious ^.^

4 days ago - permalink

I am not sure i think its either Romania Czech republic Spain or Russia.

4 days ago - permalink

It depends on what you mean by "embrace." Do you mean the country with the most competitions? The most competitors? The most positive feedback? The most social acceptance? Some of these are measurable, some aren't so it would make it very hard to say except for opinions and anecdotal evidence.

4 days ago - permalink

let's start with most competitors then. Love getting stats like these, from the outside looking in it seems like Romania has the most contests? As for the number of competitors, bit harder for me to tell

4 days ago - permalink

Not for sure Italy and I'm pretty sure not even Spain, usually South Europe Countries are less into female muscles, instead Eastern European Countries seems to be more into female muscles. Romania for sure has a lot of women into working out but I guess most other Countries around that area. Maybe with the globalization differences are getting smaller than before. There's a lot of badass women working out even in the Nordic area, meaning even outside the euro zone.

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