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muscles in the family (moms, daughters, sisters)

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here are some women i've found who are muscular who have either another sibling or mother that also is muscular and competes

Piper Polanik L(daughter/sister, bikini) Michelle Polanik C(mother, physique) Saige Polanik R(daughter/sister, figure/wellness)

Gail Baker (mom)

Jaclyn Baker (daughter)

Gabriela Linhartova (identical twin, figure)

Tereza Linhartova (identical twin, bodyfitness)

Nancy Martin (sister, physique)

Toni McMurtre (sister, physique)

[image of blacklisted model removed] Oana Hreapca (sister, bodybuilding) Julieta Fit (sister, non-competitive)

Jennifer and Lucy West (identical twins, toned figure/athletic)

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Great thread here, there is one out there already for relatives or muscles in the family. You would enjoy that too

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care to share the link?

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German Powerlifter Lea Schreiner with her mom. Both train together in a powerlifting session. Full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7162sXSHW9k

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Wish I understood German.

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The Reardon Family: Sarah, Dani, and Laura (mom)

Sheila & Sherry Bleck

Erica Blockman & Sondra Blockman

Helen Davis, Maya Davis

Bridgett Everett Annett (Mom), Basia Everett-Annett (Daughter)

One of the Early Mom/Daughter combos... Colleen Fisher, Kelly Nelson

The Lintons

The Cegelski

Sue Groundwell, Diana Groundwell

Kayla and her mom Karla

Patricia Beckman & Terri McBee

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