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Natural power and muscle

Aug 15, 2021 - edited Oct 06, 2021 - permalink

I realy like women with muscles. Not fbb-type but more natural looking bodies with muscles flexed. My ideal is a slim, petit woman with sligthly visible delts, biceps, triceps, thighs (quads and hams) and calves when relaxed but realy show when flexed. (Se pic of my wifes bicep in other thread) The harder muscle when flexed the better, but not shredded. I find that alot of women like this are not liftning but doing other exercise. I have found that women know what in their apperance turns you on and if the have some muscle and you like it they will flex and most realy like being admired.

True story. An ex gf of mine realy had legs like that. She is korean, petit 153 cm (4’12”) and 45-47kg (99 - 103 lb). She has been a dancer since age 6 and was 18 when we dated. From first sight I saw her legs. So nicly shaped and when she walked the quads flexed and showed. Since She is short she often wear high heels and have to rise up on her toes wich makes her calves realy pop and show. From day one without telling her about my fetisch I of course complimented her on her amazing legs, as of then not mentioning that the muscles turned me on. But every time i caressed her legs she would flex. Ofcourse she knew and noticed it turned me on. When out dining or so she could put her calf to my leg or foot and flex it hard just to get me aroused. Once she displayed her full leg power. She often leg scissored me and this time she had me in a sideway body scissor and it was so thight I had a realy hard time breathing. Feeling her super hard thighs and calves I noticed that her ankles was not ”locked” she just with straight legs put them together. I asked why and she said she had never locked her ankles while scissoring me. No need she said. I asked her to do it and to se if the scissor got ”worse”. Did it ever. Leg muscles of steel know squezed with unbeliveble force from this petit body. I gasped for air and her power gradualy increased. Something in my lower ribcage snapped/cracked and I had to make her stop. It was maybe a bit more than half force she said. It hurt like crazy. I asked her to do full force on my thigh and was so glad she did not so that to my torso. It felt like my thigh just got crushed. When at work (I am a dr and was in med school then) three days later I asked a ER dr to check me out. I said I got injured in judo practice. It turned Out I had fractured the tip of One of my lower ribs and had a bleeding in the muscles in the ribcage. After this her hard legs turned me on even more. She noticed, and I told her, so she flexed and wore heels even more. Often in public she would rise up on tip toes and realy flex her amazing calves in to diamond shaped and hard balls of muscle just to drive me crazy.

This is the kind of natural female muscle and power I like the most. How about you? Do you like natural to? Any stories?

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@cgsweat I should have put this in general/none fiction I guess

Oct 06, 2021 - permalink

… no one else with similar experinces?

Oct 07, 2021 - permalink

My girlfriend overhead squatted my cat. It was pretty cool. My cat didn’t think it was, though.

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Is 4"12 not just 5 feet ?

Oct 07, 2021 - permalink

Is 4"12 not just 5 feet ? Haha Maybe I just tried to convert. 153 cm = 5 feet and some. Sorry

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