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Guidelines for Creating New Threads

Aug 07, 2021 - edited Aug 14, 2021 - permalink
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When creating a new thread, please understand that you are communicating to a whole community of like-minded individuals, many of whom have been registered members of the site for many years. With this in mind, it goes a long way to put at least a decent amount of effort when starting a new thread. We don't expect you to be masters of the English language, and we're not expecting you to write a novel, but we do expect something that doesn't come across as lazy and half-assed. So the following are basic guidelines for creating a new thread in each section of the forum:

Site Discussion:

We usually don't have issues with this section. Just keep in mind that this section is for Site discussion and not personal issues (these issues should be put into a message to the mod staff). Try to be as clear and specific as possible in what you'd like to discuss with the community.

Bug Reports:

Here we have a little more leeway, since usually something you experienced personally is what brought your attention to the bug, and so we encourage you to report these. Nothing else to really say except try to be detailed and clear in your description.


This is for discussions related to muscular women. There are a lot of topics you can discuss if you'd like, we just ask that you don't be insulting (i.e. "why are these women ugly?") and don't use any NSFW language (sexualized, references to genitalia, etc.). NSFW discussions are instead welcome in the NSFW section. The best threads start off with a well thought out opinion or take on an issue or event, which then leaves it open for a healthy discussion amongst the community. Links, pictures, or videos are welcome if applicable. Do not link to or upload paysite content.

Paysite Reviews:

Try to stick to commenting on existing threads. However, if the paysite you have in mind is not represented, then you are welcome to create a new thread. As explained above, don't be lazy and try to be as clear and detailed in your review as possible. Other than that, we don't care whether you're leaving a good or bad review, just try to avoid using strong language (expletives) or insults. Also do not post any paysite content here (same as with the rest of the site).

Image Themes:

This is a very popular section and can be quickly crowded up with sub-par threads. It is very important that when you start a new thread that you're opening a unique topic that hasn't already been touched on recently (in the last couple of months), and that you lead off with a few images so that everyone is visually aware of what you're looking for. If you start a thread simply titled "Pecs" and in the post you write "Post em." it will get deleted. It's both lazy and insulting to the community and all it does is crowd up this section with worthless threads.


This is mainly for "who is this?" type threads. You can also post a request to have users suggest images of a specific interest. Again, please be as detailed and specific as possible. Even if you are creating a "who is this?" thread, try not to just post a picture... tell us where you found it. The more information you can provide, the higher the quality of help you'll receive.

Also, please keep in mind the upload rules and especially avoid posting anything from paysites, minors (under 18 years of age), nude content, trans women, and morphs/artwork. For requests involving nudity, we ask that you post these in the NSFW section. For requests involving trans women, we ask that you post these in the Trans Women section. And for requests involving morphing, 2D or 3D artwork, animations, and anything else of relevance that exists outside of reality, we ask that you post these in the Fantasy section.


Works of fiction. You are welcome to post any kind of story you'd like, provided it doesn't involve minors and it is relevant to the site (it needs to involve a muscular woman somewhere at some point in the story). For this section all we ask is that you use a basic level of grammar and punctuation. Stories that are virtually illegible will likely be removed. Again, we don't expect you to be masters of the English language but you do need to keep the community in your consideration and put a little more effort into your work. Most users don't need to worry about this.


I'm combining these because they will basically have the same guidelines. I have posted a sticky at the top of each section to let everyone know what the upload rules are. You'll notice there is more leniency in these sections since they each allow for nudity and other NSFW content. Otherwise the guidelines are the same as with the other sections... when creating a new thread, try to be as clear and detailed as possible as to what you're looking for or what you're hoping to achieve.

Your Site:

Chainer already laid out the expectations here: https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/forum/thread...

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