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"Can someone post paysite content for me?" threads will be locked/deleted

Aug 07, 2021 - permalink

We continue to observe the upload rules in the Forum, although some sections get a little more leniency than others. This Request section is not for users to ask others to post paysite content for them for free. At best, you can link to where they can pay for and download the content, but do not upload that content to this site. No exceptions.

Please regard the other upload rules as are posted on the Upload page, mainly:

  • No nudity. No adult content. There is a NSFW section for this.
  • No images from female muscle paysites.
  • No cropping of watermarks.
  • No images of minors (under 18).
  • No images of trans women. There is a Trans Women section for this.
  • No morphs (photoshopped images). There is a Fantasy section for this.

And so if you have a request that involves nudity, trans women, or art/morphing-related, please go to the appropriate section as linked above to submit the request.

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