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Jozeffa's Onlyfans

Aug 06, 2021 - permalink

onlyfans .com/jozeffa

We all know that Jozeffa Alajahji is the most pretty most muscular and most attractive 25 year old on this planet ourday.

With this picture in mind I joined her Onlyfans for 35 Dollar/month. Right from the start I was aware that she had “only” postet 70 times. But I was sure that some of the hottest, most private, most exclusively pics and vids are awaiting me.

Well, checking her ~80 pics and only 2 vids (July 2021) doesn’t take long. Especially when 80% of them are boring standard offseason posing stuff like glutes, belly and arms/legs (pics of April 2021). She took ~10 pics of her bed room shooting with Fitvids and reposted them (available at Fitvids for 5.99 pounds). You’ll find some “on the beach” holidays shots. Two of 80 pictures are hot, really hot. One of her in lingery cooking and one clip on a promenade, back latspread with glutes and wasp waist showing.

Another thing people love about OF is, that you get “closer” to your Idol. OF is something like a VIP room for fans like us. So I’d have expected Jozeffa to give me an idea what it’s like to be a 25 year old lady with comic book proportions 24/7. But all her captions in all her pictures are like “Better days are coming”, “2 weeks out shape, still to work on for the final sculpture”, “Happy Monday everyone”. And even on her hottest OF pic, the kitchen scene, she writes “My favorite room in the house, can you tell?” There is NOTHING entertaining, there is NOTHING personal, there is NOTHING precious in her OF presentation I payed 35 Dollars for!

Jozeffa’s Instagram presentation is WAY BETTER than her OF.

The worst thing is yet to come. The second reason why I joined her OF was, because I was totally curious to chat with her! If a muscle star doesn’t answer fan mails at Instagram, that’s okay. They get tons of it. Most guys are time stealers, no matter how “generous” their offers might be.

With OF it is something different. It promises exclusive pics and exclusive contact.

Well, it took her 6 days to answer my first message: “Sorry for the late reply, been crazy busy! Go ahead ask!” It took her 12 (!!) days to reply to my 2nd message. 12/30 days of my membership were gone. When I pointed that out, she accused me to be rude. Then I tried to find out more about her lifestyle and attitude. She answered (short version), that she lifes a normal life, when she’s not prepping. Aha! I asked her again, tried to provoke her, bring out her inner Beast we all love so much. Then she blocked me!

Conclusion: if I’d have payed 5 Dollars for this membership, I’d not lose a word about her bad content and chatting behave. Her OF is way too expensive for such poor service!

This young lady has to learn a lot!

Aug 06, 2021 - permalink

This is known as a parasocial interaction or relationship my dude and is not uncommon.

Parasocial interaction (PSI) refers to a kind of psychological relationship experienced by an audience in their mediated encounters with performers in the mass media, particularly on television. Viewers or listeners come to consider media personalities as friends, despite having no or limited interactions with them. PSI is described as an illusionary experience, such that media audiences interact with personas (e.g., talk show hosts, celebrities, fictional characters, social media influencers) as if they are engaged in a reciprocal relationship with them. The term was coined by Donald Horton and Richard Wohl in 1956.

Aug 06, 2021 - permalink

It's been a widely known fact that the more expensive the OF page is, the more likely it's a waste of money. The muscular ladies who charge more than the normal asking price know they have a special appeal that others don't. But they tend to forget that just because that may be correct it doesn't you don't have to put in the work to deliver good quality content.

Aug 06, 2021 - permalink

Locking this as we already have an OF review thread. Can you repost this there? There are a bunch of people that were curious about that account too.

Thread locked by fp909.
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