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Wife is liftning again

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True story about my wife. (Sorry if the english is not all that, I am scandinavian)

My wife is seven years yonger than me. When we got married in 2004 she was 22 and I 28 on my way to 29. She is born in Somalia, 160 cm(5’3”) and I (and most others) think extremely good looking. She has a very slim body with rather straight not so slim waist, small breast, nice round ass and long thin legs. But her shoulders and arms are naturaly athletic looking. I have always liked girls with arm and leg muscles.

So when we first met, 2 years prior to marige, I ofcourse look for some muscles. I was a bit disapointed at first since she has hardly no visible calf muscles (i love calves, and will tell about an ex in another story) and only little quadriceps. Her ass on the other hand was so round and perfect. It took a few weeks until I saw her arms un covered, but man when I did. It was at a friends house and she took her cardigan of and had i high cut t-shirt under. Slim, toned arms. Then it happened she fixed her ponytail and a super round biceps just poped up. I could not stop looking and she saw it and got a little shy.

Moving on; when dating and later maried she was not shy showing me her muscles. In fact my encouragement made her show more and more in public to and she got so much nice compliments. She started working out, she had never lifted weights before just did running. And she built muscle fast. She has the type of body that don’t show alot of muscle when relaxed but they realy pops when flexed. At least arms, shoulders, ass and hamstring. Her quads and calves don’t pop out that much. On the other hand all her flexed muscles are extremely hard. I now know why they say rock hard. After giving birth 2005 she developed even better biceps by always carrying our doughter. At the time she was 52 kg (114 lb) and her arm was 23cm(>9”) unflexed and 26cm(10 1/4”) flexed. 13% flex increase solid rock hard biceps.

Then 2012, mother of three she got a 30 year crisis or something. She felt old and flubby, still looked amazing 2 years after our sons birth, she weight almost 60 kg (132 lb) and started to lift weights again and to loose some body fat. She reached her muscular peak at 2013 weighing 54 kg (119 lb). Arms now 24.5cm(almost 9 3/4”) unflexed and 28.5cm(11 1/4”) flexed. That is over 16% bigger flexed. On her slim arm it looked amazing. She got so many compliments. Showed her arms alot but even in sleeves the biceps showed. At that time she did bicep curls with 8-12 kg (17-25 lb) for reps. She was so strong. Extremely sexy. Over the years she stoppen liftning and got a little heavier (not fat) Now at 39 she is again is feeling old, soon 40, and has gone back to the gym. As of now she is at 58 kg (127 lb) . Arms 26cm (10 1/4”) unflexed and 29.5cm(almost 11 3/4”) flexed. Still 13.5 % increase. Some fat over the muscles but flexed the muscle it self is still rock hard. I mean super solid. Last week we had some friends over and we started talking about traing and fitness. Two of the ladies said they wanted arms like my wifes and asked her to flex. She did and they looked in envy of the round peak that poped up. On of them reached out and grabbed her arm and just gasped. Oh my God that is hard she said. I did not know muscles could be that hard. The other felt it and said it was harder than her husbands so ofourse they all had to feel it and was amazed of how hard it realy is. You can not compress it at all. It is so solid. That night we had the most amazing sex with her flexing more and harder than usual. She put me in several body siccors and her thighs (even though not so deffined) are equaly hard flexed. The same with her ass. Solid as a rock.

I can’t wait to se what the next months will bring. Hopefully she sticks to her routine, losses some weight and maybe build some more.


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Here is a pic of her bicep 2013 a little shadow from the forearm but still you see the peak.

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Great story. LOVE the pic!! She was ok with you taking a picture of her bicep? Please tell me more about the picture.

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Great story. LOVE the pic!! She was ok with you taking a picture of her bicep? Please tell me more about the picture.

It is a selfie she took asking me if I miss her and hinting what I could expect for the evening 😍💪🏾

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WOW - keep us updated on her gains!!

Sep 15, 2021 - permalink

WOW - keep us updated on her gains!!

Will do

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If this is not a fictional story, should be moved to the "non-fiction" category

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She is getting there. Now 25 cm (9 4/5”) unflexed and 29 cm (11 2/5”) flexed. 10 kg dumbells for curls. Love it Another of her selfies I got now at work. She want me to know what is waiting for me at home 😍💪🏾

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She is doing 12 kg (26 lb) dumbell bicep curls again. She is aiming for + 30 cm (12”) flexed. Can’t wait.

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