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"Why was my forum comment edited or deleted?"

Jul 30, 2021 - edited Dec 19, 2021 - permalink

I've been going back through some of these image threads and have come across a lot of comments that needed to be edited or deleted. If your comment(s) have been edited or deleted, here are the possible reasons:

  • You posted images from paysites. We still observe the upload rules in the forum, as explained in this thread.
  • You posted a link that is now dead (it leads to an error page). Sometimes this happens when an image is deleted from the main site.
  • You posted a link to an image that was later merged. This link will still lead to the new image, but the thumbnail disappears. In these cases I replace the old link with the updated link so the thumbnail reappears.
  • You posted several images in the same comment, in a long vertical string. In these cases I grouped them together as a courtesy for users scrolling through these threads.
  • I reduced a few of the full size images to thumbnails, especially if they were getting numerous. The thumbnail will still take you to the full size image, but it's again just a courtesy for users scrolling through. In the future, if you'd like to do this yourself, just remove the |full from the image code.
  • You posted images of someone on the blacklist. Blacklisted models are explained here.

Edited to add the following:

There are also basic rules of conduct in the forum, which I'll be making a list of at some point. These are the same rules for most forums across the Internet, so it's not much different here. If your comment was deleted for misconduct, it may have been because:

  • You steered the thread completely off topic. Always try to stick to the topic of the original post.
  • You are behaving in a way that is considered trolling or inflammatory. This means that instead of contributing to productive dialogue, you are saying something to get users emotionally charged and it typically degrades into an all-caps, name-calling shouting contest. These comments are not tolerated and the offending user will typically be formally warned or banned, as well as having their comment(s) deleted.
  • You didn't start a "flame war," but you participated in one. Adding on to the bullet mark above, someone else may have had the initial trolling comment, but it does absolutely no good to get sucked in by it and "feed the troll." So if you do this, your comment(s) will definitely be deleted, and a warning/ban may also be implemented depending on what was said and whether you have previous warnings/bans.
  • You were verbally attacking another user or a model. Threats of any kind are absolutely not tolerated and you will be temporarily banned at minimum, although a permanent ban would not be out of the question. This also goes for bigoted remarks, which are totally uncalled for. Again, you may be temporarily or permanently banned depending on what was said and it will be weighed along with your past misconducts.

And as always, if you see someone making comments that are in violation of any of the reasons I listed above, please report them. There is a blue "Report" button at the top right corner of every comment.

EDIT (12/19/21):

Your comment(s) may also have been deleted if you were posting several images in separate comments in a short span of time. This is considered to be spam because each time you comment, everyone subscribed to that thread is notified. If you have a few images you'd like to share, put them into the same comment. If you find out you forgot one, edit your comment to add it in with the others.

You can comment on a thread multiple times, but just try to space out your comments so that it doesn't become spam-y.

Aug 19, 2021 - permalink

Can't staff simply include the reasoning for modifying/deleting comments in the post?

I know some of you do it, but I'm not sure all of you do it

Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

Can't staff simply include the reasoning for modifying/deleting comments in the post?

I know some of you do it, but I'm not sure all of you do it

Ideally I would just delete comments, but by doing that I can't put a reason for it. So as a courtesy I edit the comment and type in the reason for the edit. This gets very time consuming.

Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

Where are the Terms and Conditions to this site?

When people join, they should know upfront what they're signing up for. On your About page, it says, "Anyone is welcome to contribute." It doesn't say anything about the rules that comments will be edited or users banned. You can't just start instituting rules as you feel like it.

The Terms and Conditions should be visible and accessible on every page (not hidden somewhere in the forum) and users should have to agree to them when they join. If you update the Terms, everyone should be alerted. You should probably also have a lawyer review it.

Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

Dude, this is a free website. Why should there be terms and conditions for a service that you're not paying for?

I'd understand if this was something people pay for, but come on now... you're blowing this out of proportion lol

Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

Not really. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... all free and all have terms

Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

Terms or no terms, comments are being deleted on a purely subjective basis on a whim from some so-called moderators who want to play paper gods and wield fake power. There was no abuse, swearing or any other reason for the deletions. There was a pic of two women holding each other and I said "they need two men". What's wrong with that? You carrying a chip on the shoulder or just have a sexual hang-up?

Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

Yeah, I mean, I made a comment where I said the muscle girls I like never win bodybuilding competitions and that got deleted...twice. It's wasn't inflammatory or trolling or anything like that. And it didn't derail a thread because it was a "Random Musings" thread.

Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

I’m willing to bet anything that this thread gets locked by the mods within a week. They don’t like when you criticize them

Sep 07, 2021 - edited Sep 07, 2021 - permalink

Wow, guys. This is a free site. And a fun site. If you have to abide by a few rules just go with it. As long as you don't get mean, rude or abusive the rules don't seem that harsh to me. Just like anything else there is something here that should just be considered a "judgment call". It's Chainer's site so it's his rules. Seems simple to me. If you don't like the show, change the channel. Don't make me have to call Kristiana Jones to straighten this out. 🤠

Sep 08, 2021 - edited Sep 08, 2021 - permalink

There was a pic of two women holding each other and I said "they need two men". What's wrong with that? You carrying a chip on the shoulder or just have a sexual hang-up?

this example perfectly highlights how most people who complain about being restricted usually turn out to be the same people whose activity justifies the necessity of active moderation, because if you actually mean to tell me you don't understand why insinuating that two women in a lesbian partnership 'need to be with men' could be seen as inflammatory, then you'll have no idea how much of an embarrassing joke you are for assuming the phasing out of such asinine remarks is even worth complaining about.

it's no-one else's responsibility to make an accommodation for your lack of common sense, so grow up, for goodness' sake.

Sep 08, 2021 - permalink

Ay, Caramba! I would say Bart nailed that one! All I can do is try to cram it into a nutshell.

No site is perfect. It takes all kinds to make a world. Bad taste is timeless. Some people are like cockroaches. But we can never get rid of cockroaches so we just have to learn to live with them. And Chainer is a nice guy that set up a free site for all of us to enjoy. I really like this site and I wish people would stop trying to phuck it up.

Oct 17, 2021 - permalink

I'd second one point I saw here. I think all the rules should preferably be found in one place. This way all you would need to do later on would be to link to the rules for further explanation. This would stop many from going through the same arguments over and over again. Things that I did not know but only learned randomly were:

  • There are no trans people on the main site. There are at least a few of these women who have left me guessing and a bit uneasy.

  • The blacklist should not be published because that would defeat part of its purpose.

  • The real names of the HBC models should not be mentioned. A point I would like to add is that there is no absolute privacy or absolute publicity. It happens in degrees and this site would or could be one step too many for some model.

One thing I do not understand is that some moderately interesting threads get closed. There was one about bodybuilders physically protecting their friends and loved ones, which turned into one about bodybuilders physically beating up their friends and loved ones. I found that hilarious because for reasons I won't go into now that's a big fantasy for some. Maybe someone would some day wish to know all the facts of the matter and that would finally kill the curiosity. Possibly the fantasy too.

I wish also that commenters would separate fact from fantasy. There are at least some who go around calling almost every woman a boxer or a fighter or a powerlifter or a judoka even when in the picture there's just a fitness-level woman training for her own health and pleasure. It gives you the idea that they wish every woman here would be trained in MMA and either willing to beat them up or willing to show them that she could do so easily. Though this mostly happens in comments to pictures so this was slightly off topic now.

Common sense is not magical or innate. It literally means a learned ability to know what is the proper or improper use of a thing. It hasn't necessarily got anything to do with any truth about some final object. Or in other words, even when the end is good, it does not justify all possible means to achieve it. Even if someone could argue that women being sexually attracted to women defies common sense, attacking them with cheap shots does that as least as much.

Oct 17, 2021 - permalink

Even if someone could argue that women being sexually attracted to women defies common sense, attacking them with cheap shots does that as least as much.

i appreciate the Gandhiesque affectation you're vying for here, but if someone assumes a sense of entitlement over their idiocy, then an idiot is what they're liable to be called.

any measure of false equivalence regarding that statement's implication compared with my reaction towards it notwithstanding, i really couldn't care less that you think my admonishment of such behavior somehow amounts to a 'cheap shot' anymore than you probably do in meriting the rationalisation that mods having to clean up threads because 'common sense' values are obviously not a universal axiom should just as obviously mean that their actions are the result of 'crippling sexual hang-ups' under their personal contention for doing their jobs.. but then again, that's just another 'common sense' expectation on my part.

Oct 17, 2021 - edited Oct 17, 2021 - permalink

i really couldn't care less that you think my admonishment of such behavior somehow amounts to a 'cheap shot'

No. I said that attacking women who are sexually attracted to women with cheap shots defies common sense because in no circumstance can anything good come out of it. If it is a mystical part of the woman's inner being, then that's it. But if it is caused by her upbringing, then it would need an insane amount of effort and motivation to change it. In neither case does it do any good to ridicule it. I am not against ridiculing lesbians in particular but consider it bad behavior in general and so I fully support the removal of such comments.

I believe that sexual pleasure in itself is nothing. Nobody will be motivated for long purely by sexual or any other kind of pleasure. The individual will eventually burn himself out. There is always some kind of inner rationale to it. That inner rationale blocks some kinds of sexual pleasure and enables others. This is a strange side effect of people displaying their sexual preferences openly. People might see what they are being shown, though increasingly less so.

Oct 17, 2021 - permalink

Wow, guys. Couldn't we just say it takes all kinds to make a world 🌎 And we should just accept people for what they are? Or is that just a little too simplistic? 🤔

Oct 18, 2021 - permalink

Wow, guys. Couldn't we just say it takes all kinds to make a world 🌎 And we should just accept people for what they are? Or is that just a little too simplistic? 🤔

It depends on what do you mean by what they are. Is acceptance without any idea of what is being accepted an acceptance at all?

One alternative is to accept people as unknowable, generic and indistinct and therefore ultimately meaningless entities. Another is to accept them as unique and infinitely meaningful with the caveat that the infinite meaning is only accessible to the individual itself. Outwardly the end result is the same. We would therefore end up respecting their infinite meaningfulness to themselves and their infinite meaninglessness to everyone else.

The only real alternative is to agree that being a lesbian is something and something it is not. Like all things it has knowable advantages and disadvantages and has consequences not only for the individual but potentially for everyone else too.

Or people can be seen in terms of individual or mutual usefulness to each other's inner worlds. In this case there is a potential for power struggle or an actual hidden but ongoing power struggle in every relationship. In this alternative things can only be known through what they do or can do. In the second alternative things can be known for what they are.

That's why I would always look for a more practical rationale in cases like this. Especially when you have unique and wonderful individuals writing unacceptable comments.

Oct 18, 2021 - permalink

You can't just start instituting rules as you feel like it.

Well, actually, I can, and I do! :)

I don't believe in posting any sort of comprehensive rules that broadly cover everything you're allowed and not allowed to post. This would be a waste of everyone's time for several reasons: First, the problem users who don't bother to lurk for a few days before making stupid posts would almost certainly not bother to read the rules, and conversely, the users who would read the rules are the least likely to need them. Second, it would invite pointless rules lawyering from people whose posts have been deleted, and I don't want to spend my time nor the mods' time dealing with that.

Instead the model I go by is this: All the mods have been carefully vetted by myself and the other mods before they were modded. I trust them to make good decisions. If they delete your post, there is at least a 95% chance that they are right and you are wrong. And even in the remaining cases chances are that your deleted one-liner post was really not contributing that much to the site in the first place, so it's best to let it go.

I am considering, though, to make a post with some rules that might not be obvious at first, some of which zarklephaser4 already mentioned above, and additionally:

  • The first section of the upload rules (above "strongly discouraged") applies to all pics/videos in the forum
  • No low-effort fantasizing; long-form stories are OK in the story section
  • There is a minimum amount of effort we expect you to put into your posting, and this is especially true when starting a new thread
  • No politics

I'm probably forgetting a few here.

Oct 18, 2021 - permalink

I can assure you (all) that I am not powertripping if I lock a thread or delete comments. For transparency, here are things I look out for, personally:

Things like insults or that read like bot comments are out. Cucumber or eggplant emoji: gone. "BOING" - auto nuke.

Typically if i see a forum starter that looks like it's fishing for fetish responses I might nip it in the bud--best left for chat or PM if you're really looking for that kind of conversation. If it looks like it might have legs as a discussion I'll leave it alone.

If you upload two photos that are virtually identical (ex: the pose is the same but she is looking at the camera in one, and away from the camera in the other) I will cut one of them--they're essentially the same. If i think something needs to be change, like it's a screenshot that should be cropped, i'll leave a note when I delete it.

If I merge your photo it's usually because a) yours has a higher photo ID which means the site assigned it as a younger posting or b) (which is rare) you have an older photo that gets merged to a newer one because of image quality or yours was probably cropped when it shouldn't have been.

One thing that I like about this site that makes "interest groups" in particular very interesting is that at times we can forget that we are all very different people with different likes/dislikes that happen to be united under this one umbrella while we are on the site--as such it's easy to forget to be a little tolerant of some things, and also to not throw your weight around as far as personal beliefs. This plays into the politics bullet point from Chainer; I know a lot of users have a ton of issue with some women's political leanings or sexual orientation, but we would prefer if that wasn't a topic of discussion and we focused on what was in front of us, literally. saps all the fun of the site if we are dragging real world issues into it

Oct 18, 2021 - permalink

because the world hates u 😃

Jan 04, 2022 - permalink

There seems to be no notification of deleted comments, it is hard to know if you made a mistake if moderation happens completely behind your back.

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