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Lost intense and salty FvF wrestling match

Jul 06, 2021 - permalink

Hey guys,

Some years ago I saw a competitive wrestling match between a fit girl (she wasn't huge, she was fit with muscular legs) and a more chubby woman. It was on P-Hub (RIP), obviously originally from a paysite (although I have no idea which one) and it was titled something like "Muscular girl scissors fat b*tch" (rude, I know). This was the title of the P-Hub post, I'm sure not of the original video. The match got quite competitive and the chubby girl got really salty. At some point she was complaining that the fit girl didn't let go of a bodyscissor when she tapped and hurt her ribs. I can't remember much else, I think the regular woman was Angie from these videos from SheWrestles, but I don't know for sure (and I can't find Angie's full name to see if she's anywhere else). She looked similar if my memory serves me well, and had a pretty similar attitude to Angie when she lost to Kelly in the SheWrestles videos (though much more bitter).

Does anyone know the video I'm talking about and could please point me to the source so I can buy it? Thank you.

Sep 23, 2021 - permalink

Contents of the Fem Flex and She Wrestles sites were purchased by Her Biceps several years ago. Some content may eventually appear on Her Biceps Plus.

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