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Muscular women, power dynamics and the fawning response

Jun 11, 2021 - permalink

This is a thread about the psychological underpinnings of our attraction to muscular women.

Some of you might know that the human mind has some distinct ways of dealing with people or situations it finds threatening. The four Fs of trauma response, when it comes to interpersonal relationships, are:

  • Fight: attack the threatening person.
  • Flight: escape from the threatening person.
  • Freeze: assume a passive stance towards the threatening person.
  • Fawn: ingratiate oneself with the threatening person.

For our purposes, the fawning response is the most relevant, because it reveals why some of us feel so eager to fall down to our knees and say "yes ma'am" to any strong and muscular woman we come across.

When faced with repeated abuse (physical, emotional or otherwise), some individuals develop a fawning response in an attempt to assuage the abuser's anger and destructive potential. This manifests as a willingness (and even an eagerness) to serve the abuser's needs, to cater to their pleasure and to make oneself useful to their purposes. This behaviour, which seems irrational and self-destructive on the surface, actually makes perfect sense when understood as a defence mechanism. In the simplest terms: if you're nice to your abuser, maybe they won't be so mean to you. If your abuser takes a liking to you, they might reduce the intensity or regularity of their abuse. This helps explain the popular trope of girls who like "bad boys", or men who are "mysterious" and "dangerous". At some level, they feel threatened by this kind of partner, which is why, paradoxically, they feel attracted to them.

And what do muscular women have to do with all this? Well, some of us perceive muscular women as a threat. Naturally, that's not to say that this perception has any basis in reality, but nonetheless it is a real feeling which many men experience. Even if the object of one's fawning is the kindest, most mild-mannered woman on the face of the Earth, her physical presence alone might be enough to trigger this defence mechanism. An imposing physique, with voluminous muscles and serpentine veins, is a readily apparent and undeniable sign that a woman could cause you a lot of pain if she was so inclined. It matters little if she actually wants to harm you, since you can see she has the capacity for it.

A muscular woman is no stranger to the roughness and pain of strenuous physical exercise, which means she's accustomed to using her body to exert force onto the outside world. Taking steroids is another clear sign that a muscular woman will partake in dangerous and even illegal deeds in her search for power. Taking this social profile on account, along with the superiority of their bodies, makes it easy to see why previously traumatized men would be intimidated by them.

So, next time you see a Natalia Trukhina picture riddled with comments like "please my goddess let me be your slave", know that the schmoe who commented it is probably a traumatized person who feels scared by the sheer size of her, and deals with this fear the only way he knows how: by offering to serve and submit.

(disclaimer: I'm one of those pathetic traumatized submissive men)

Oct 25, 2021 - permalink

Awesome piece 💯 agreed !

Oct 25, 2021 - permalink

This how religion works

Oct 26, 2021 - permalink

I don't think i am traumatised but i am attracted to women with great power because in my mind this means she is better than a normal woman i love to see and feel that power it makes sense in terms of evolution because that would mean better offspring too.

Oct 27, 2021 - permalink

All of this is saying we judge a book by it's cover without knowing what's inside. AGREED! Trust, love and respect require a personal connection over time.

Oct 27, 2021 - permalink

Speak for yourself mate. Some of us love muscular women without wanting to grovel at their feet and worship them. Matter of fact, I'm rather dominant, even when it comes to muscle women.

Personally I don't know what it is that draws me to them. Part of it is the strength. Another part is the fact that a girl who carries even a little bit of muscle has more structure to her form and hence is made more voluptuous. Another part is that there's something admirable about a woman who can compete nearly on a man's terms in a man's field. Another part is the fantasy of such a superior female physical specimen admiring me, thinking I'm hot shit because of what I bring to the table (not necessarily physical things) makes me feel like Lord God King Chad.

Oct 27, 2021 - permalink

I think you can try to ingratiate yourself toward someone without finding them threatening, though I wouldn't call it fawning. I guess you could parallel fawning with simping, which I'm guilty of, though for my purposes I'm looking for a goods/services transaction rather than getting the feeling of being submissive.

Actually, I rather like the chase of going after a challenging woman who isn't going to roll over immediately. I ask for topless content a lot, and it is hard to get, for obvious reasons. Part of it was the chase itself, but in the end the videos I revisit time and again are the ones that took work and time to get--the women that kind of just rolled over and gave it to me without any kind of resistance I rarely watch or don't get turned on by.

I don't really find them threatening, and in the one or two instances I've had an experience and asked specifically for something like being carried or held down or whatever, it didn't do it for me. I think what is tied in with their muscularity is the focus and overall physical work they had to do to get there, which is attractive to me.

If I'm honest, I find a corporate climber with a distinct plan of what she wants from her life more intimidating than a bodybuilder.

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