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Muscle girl dancing

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Interesting stuff. I've found a number of extremely attractive and sexy muscular/athletic women in the legal side of the sex industry. The stripper pole is a great invention and many women who display their bodies on it are obviously extremely fine athletes, very strong and extremely well coordinated. Such activity without sexual contact is considered legal in many municipalities, and the most perfectly built women I have seen have nearly all been working in the sex industry. Body building women often migrate into the sex industry because they always seem to be able to find a very large following. Unfortunately, female athletes at the fitness or bikini level, or even bodybuilding, are by far in the minority. But, still they are present many places. When men like females with obvious muscle, it's a truly big turn-on for us and, I believe, can make for a significant enhancement of a woman's self esteem.

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Magnificent Muscle Moves

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