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Your 1st Real Femuscle Encounter

Jan 30, 2023 - permalink

No, sadly, she is long gone!

I think this was Vilma C@ez

Jan 30, 2023 - permalink

It's a made up story. I was going to post but it's not worth it...

TBH it's not far from my real life experiences with one of my exes, except for the cradle carry (I don't think she could do it). But otherwise: She was a champion runner and ex gymnast, really small, like 158 cm, but extremely athletic, muscled and fit. She always was strong but when we got into bouldering arm wrestling her became pointless, she'd use her weaker arm and just slam my stronger arm into the table. Games of mercy were always completely one-sided, she just effortlessly muscled me down to the floor.

Jan 30, 2023 - permalink

I think this was Vilma C@ez

No, Wima was at Cheerleaders in South Philadelphia. I'm pretty sure Wilma was even more massive than Gia.

Feb 01, 2023 - permalink

My first real encounter was at a beach trip with school, We where walking to our destination and in the corner of my eye i see a girl about my age with a ripped 6 pack, i didn't think much of it at the time but yeah that was my first time.

Second time is a woman i see walking by in the park sometimes, Her calves are pretty hot if i say so myself, She is about 40-50 Years old i think. Is this kind of calve normal for a girl or do you think this is hot?

Feb 11, 2023 - permalink

I sessioned with an FBB/Powerlifter just last month and wow. She doesn't offer them anymore so I won't give away any details on her, but I was pretty blown away. I'm reasonably strong, when we armwrestled I had her wrist the whole way but she just kept pushing until I lost. The legs though, I'd never tried leg scissors, and just blew my mind how strong her legs were. Learned I should not eat anything anytime before, but I usually tapped if I got concerned. Was like being pressed by a vice grip and my ribs felt it when I did deadlifts the next day. She mentioned she was bulking which I find quite nice. Bit of softness contrasted with crazy hard muscles. When wrestling I got one on her early but I sort of was just exhausted by her strength as it went on.

I'm hoping to try and talk her into one when she's closer to contest shape. Just want to see that one time in my life. I'd also probably be a bit more relaxed the second time around. It was an anxiousness I hadn't felt in years so everything sort of flew by really fast.

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