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Real-Life Encounters

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Aug 24, 2022 - edited Aug 24, 2022 - permalink

I just saw this pic on the front page and remembered that I had seen her in Ft. Lauderdale in 1982, my first muscle woman sighting. She walked right past me on an otherwise deserted sidewalk wearing shorts and her legs were shocking (in a good way), especially for that time. I quickly figured out it was her, because she had been featured in Sports Illustrated, and there probably weren't more than 15-20 women in the world at that time with legs as built as hers. Maybe even 10 or less.

I was with a friend, so I could only take a quick look over my shoulder as she passed. If I was alone, I'm sure I would have stopped, turned completely around, and stared until she was out of sight.

Sep 18, 2022 - edited Sep 18, 2022 - permalink

Yesterday I was at the Parkway Drive concert in Munich. There was a girl in the pit. 5,4 5,5. Short bleached white hair. She was wearing what Eddie Gordo wears in Tekken but all black (like Duja Bintar here). But she was freakin chisled. Her attire displayed her abs and her built showed pretty strong arms. I tried to bump her in the pit but she pushed me aside like nothing. She was going toe to toe with the big Germans there, so I was no match. I lost her after one song. Saw her again after the show was over. Wanted to say hi and compliment her on her body but chickened out

Sep 22, 2022 - permalink

When i was in school there was a girl with me in class who became quite muscular over the summer break. She wasn’t fit at all before that and she wasn’t into sports too so i was quite surprised when i met her and all of a sudden she looked so fit and muscular. She also started playing sports in school and all of a sudden she started taking interest in all sorts of physical activities. We weren’t very good friends but we used sometimes to talk in school. i was really into muscular girls (she didn’t know that) and i knew quite a bit about working out so that was the only thing we used to talk about. so i asked her what inspired her to get muscular all of a sudden and she told me that she wanted to become an air hostess so she joined the gym but once she started working out she found out that it was very easy for her to put on muscle. so she started lifting even more. i even got to feel her biceps once and they were really solid. sadly towards the end of our school life she stopped lifting completely and instead put her focus into studies. but what was surprising was that even after she left lifting her muscles really never lost their shape. when she used to tie her hair you could see them flexed and the definition was still there. we lost touch when school got over but i heard from a friend that she started working out again. sadly she doesn’t use any social media so i couldn’t really follow her progress. but she wasn’t the only girl from my school who was into building muscles. There were two more but the one i’ve mentioned here had the best muscle definition out of the three of them. let me know if you’d like to know about the others too

Sep 23, 2022 - permalink

So I go to a rock climbing gym and trust me there are a lot of fit muscular girls at climbing gyms. Most everyone is in shape, better shape than a lot of regular gyms I’ve been to, and they’re VERY attractive (at least the ones in my city).

I’ve seen this girl a bit at the climbing gym lifting in the same area as me for a few weeks, super cute and beautiful olive skin. Mustered up the courage to talk to her and we’re kinda sorta friends now I guess?

My advice is to just face your fears and approach a girl respectfully, you got nothing to lose and even if you get rejected you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished the biggest hurdle and you gotta keep on going till you find the right one.

Oct 07, 2022 - edited Oct 07, 2022 - permalink

This is a really crappy story but I saw a girl today with the most massive thighs I've ever seen irl, and I just kinda wanna tell someone about it lmao... So I was driving to my university for a class, and while being close in the neighborhood and waiting at a red light, this pretty girl caught my eye. She was quite short, I would guess maybe around 5'2 feet tall, with gorgeous shiny olive skin, brilliant eyes, and long wavy brown hair. My eyes kind of traveled downwards and I gasped when I saw her midriff. She had an incredible six pack that the evening light reflected off of, making it seem like her abs were dancing in the sunlight as she walked. However my jaw just completely dropped when I saw her legs. Absolutely thick columns of muscle and power; massive thick quads that shook and bulged with every step she took. Calves that looked as sharp as diamonds, so big that they forced an hour glass shape around her knee and easily much bigger than my bicep. Her quads were by far the widest point of her body and I was mesmerized watching the different muscles flexing and relaxing throughout each step, hiding and then reappearing as those colossal pillars of muscle moved while carrying her, oozing power and dominance. Each quad was probably nearly as thick as her waist. Needless to say I stared. I didn't care if she saw me. I didn't care if the light turned green. I wanted to eat up that sight so badly. She turned a corner and I had to drive on. I guess she looked a lot like Millie Marshall just maybe a bit more tanned, and her calves were MUCH bigger and her quads were more defined if not also probably quite a bit bigger, and thus undoubtedly stronger than Millie's...

Oct 07, 2022 - permalink

So tell us, did you like her or not? 🤣

Oct 07, 2022 - permalink

So tell us, did you like her or not? 🤣

Yea um... I don't think I will ever be able to forget that image. She's pretty much burned herself into my mind permanently, and I kind of had to wait in the car to calm down for a bit after I parked even though I was a little late for class if u know what I mean....

Oct 07, 2022 - permalink

...and I kind of had to wait in the car to calm down for a bit after I parked even though I was a little late for class if u know what I mean....

"Huh huh huh huh. Yeah, we know what you mean. Huh huh."

"Yeah, hm heh heh. Boioioioioioioing! Heh heh."

Oct 11, 2022 - permalink

I was in the elevator with a woman who had the most unbelievable arms I had ever seen in person on a woman. She was on her phone with her bicep popping without being flexed. She had incredible definition with a visible vein popping out. If I were to take a guess, I would say 14 inches at the peak of pure muscle. I did happen to spot her again later wearing a dress revealing some of her back and calves which too were very impressive.

Oct 12, 2022 - permalink

Noticed one of the teachers in my school had some pretty big arms. I don't know if she lifted or if they were like that naturally but it definitely had me feeling some kind of way.

Oct 12, 2022 - permalink

Noticed one of the teachers in my school had some pretty big arms. I don't know if she lifted or if they were like that naturally but it definitely had me feeling some kind of way.

In college I had a chemistry TA who looked, facially, a lot like Denise Rutkowski in her prime. Body-wise she was muscular, but not as muscular as Denise. Still pretty jacked, especially for the era (mid-90s).

Oct 12, 2022 - permalink

There's been this really cute girl training at my gym--really nice developed back--not wide but definitely dense and worked on, nice arms, good legs. Trains well too from what I've seen. I've tried to talk to her once or twice between sets but unfortunately she's one of those gym people (kind of like me) that puts on a hat and headphones and goes in and out.

I did get to talk briefly with another woman who I've seen for a while that trains hard. Not a bodybuilder by any means, definitely a bit bigger than the previous girl but doesn't quite have the leg genetics to match her upper body, although her butt is INCREDIBLE. Had a nice chat a couple of times and now I guess on terms to say hi when we run into each other.

There's a third woman who trains at the same time I do who I found on IG--trains with her boyfriend usually and seems to be quite new. Definitely had worked out to get one of those kind of Brazilian builds but in the last 8-9 months or so has definitely added some good muscle, visibly noticeable changes. prob my fave non-training part of being in the gym is seeing people make inroads on their goals.

Oct 12, 2022 - permalink

Some of my teachers had huge calves but the rest of their bodies where not muscular.

Oct 12, 2022 - edited Oct 12, 2022 - permalink

Here's one. I was scuba diving at teneriffe a couple of summers ago and there I had this female instructor that was very athletic and fit. Not a bodybuilder look, but her entire body was covered with lean muscles. She looked awesome in her skintight wetsuit, and even better when she was undressing it. I can still see her tanned sixpack glittering in the sun as she was peeling out her small suit. I was able to gather she was doing triathlons. She was quite comfortable with the attention her fit looks inevitably raised. I dont remember too much about underwater sealife though...

Another sighting during the same week, this time in poolside of a higher end beach club. This girl was a easter european fitness diva. Lean and fit af. Surgically enhanced lips and chest. And she had the flattest and tightest stomach I Have ever seen irl, hard to find comparison even here. Looked like she was vacuuming a bit continuously as she walked around the pool. She was accompanied by a huge bodybuilder, and I had my on company so I tried to settled with the occasional peeks.

Even though this fitness diva was unbelivable to look at I would definitely prefer the diver as a date.

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