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List clips you've purchased that exceeded your expectations and clips that were surprisingly disappointing. And why?

Sep 12, 2021 - permalink
Deleted by shortmac
Sep 12, 2021 - permalink

GOAT clip is definitely Angie Salvagno's "Cuckold Bitch & His Wife"

She ends up fucking this dudes wife and the dude is powerless to stop it because of how weak he is.

Angie has never been as jacked as she was in the video. No clip I ever watched remotely compared with this one.

that clip is awesome!

Sep 12, 2021 - edited Sep 12, 2021 - permalink

To Tag1981 - (at the top of the page 1 list:

In defence of FitVids.co.uk I have all their Nataliya vids to date. They were not expensive & they claim only to issue the footage she sends them with no editing, and I'm certain that's true.

Mostly Nataliya's husband shoots, often on a 'phone or poor camera. There is no continuity, shots often mixed up, for example weights seen being added to a stack disappear then reappear being lifted later. Nataliya, who doesn't seem to be a natural performer may be put off by his presence?

In the first set of videos the sound is just noise - I ran them on DivX & converted all on their converter to file ref ".divx". This results in greatly improved sound, mainly Nataliya gasping, groaning and crash of dropping extremely heavy weights 35Kg = 80lb dumbbells on each arm for 11 reps! The shoot however is unimaginative, you rarely see the weight stack, but feel certain it is much heavier than most could lift! The later vids are better, good vision & sound though the shooting still poor - often no camera movement - (hubbie should have gone on a course!). However you get a real impression of Nataliya's massive strength, and her sexuality. Some thigh slapping, posing huge muscles and I would say well worth the cost.

I am an average untrained bloke - and her arms are 3X the cross sectional area of mine, so that's 3X my power plus a large extra allowance for her constant weight training, say easily 4X. So Guys if you really fancy an arm wrestle, be assured, her arm is dangerously strong!

As I have said, in my opinion she is not a natural performer - she needs directing if sequences are to be truly interesting.

Remember also that she is getting older and although still stunning and strong she may not get back to her size showing in the 2018 FitVid stuff, so if you want a record of the 'Amazonka' we love to see, get them while you can.

Here is a list of vids - (when I post they may not show in a list)

2017 17-01 "gym full" 17-02 "gym session 3" 17-03 "gym session 4" 17-04 "Shoulders FV" - (for improved sound convert all the above to .divx format)

2018 18-01 "Awesome" 18-02 "2018" 18-03 "Christmas Gym 2018" these have run times between 7 and 18 minutes.

Also in 2017 'Ruptly' did a professional shoot lasting 44 mins & was free to download called "Nataliya20171124Gym"

Sep 12, 2021 - permalink

As I have said, in my opinion she is not a natural performer - she needs directing if sequences are to be truly interesting.

I dunno. There's a vid of her dancing and flexing here on this site (it's a POV of a guy in a bed with a cast) and she seems to be having a lot of fun doing it. Maybe it's just inexperience but she seems to like and enjoy flexing.

Sep 12, 2021 - permalink

Kalli Sheppard HB metal plank video. She only manages a measly 10 or something, kinda put me off her lol.

Yeah, that was really disappointing given she was pretty much HerBicep's poster child for a while and did a ton of domination stuff. Her metal planks attempt is probably in the top 5 worst they've ever done, there are bikini girls who have done more.

Sep 12, 2021 - permalink

> The absolutely worst DVD I have paid for is by Kim Perez. She seems very cool and genuine, but she or whomever pushed her to do that seems to have grossly miscalculated what muscle fans want to see. > > Even still one of my favourite video collections is Salla Kauranen on Fitvids.co.uk. She's she so fucking hot. They put out some good stuff.

what sort of things does Kim Perez do?

She does things not including pumping weights in the gym, flexing and posing, and getting all dolled up in cute clothing or lingerie.

Sep 12, 2021 - permalink

Manal Ben Jabeur's recent workout clips on fitvids. Her grunts while she's pumping those weights are sexxxxxy. And she's obviously increased her dose and is bigger than ever. Very happy with those clips.

Sep 13, 2021 - permalink

WPW V150 with Raye Hollitt. She looks huge in all outfits and comes across as sweet during the interview. The blue bikini in the pool is simply incredible. She looks like she's enjoying herself and her personality really really comes out.

Sep 13, 2021 - permalink

Marina Lopez,totally ripped, was tied up on a cross and being belly punched for 15 minutes. She was writhing in pain, and as she moved to try to ward off the blows, her biceps and forearms were straining so much, her veins were like ropes and her biceps were cut to the max.

[paysite photo removed]

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