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Banned for non-participation?

Jul 22, 2021 - permalink
Deleted by fp909
Nov 11, 2021 - permalink

If you want a solid example of how to run a web page the wrong way just look at Saradas. GWM is so much better in every way possible.

Could not agree more ! this site is 10x better in every way . On there they expect u to post content literally every day .. and monitor u with an activity meter . If u don't have i would say 80% or above u will lose access to many parts . Also their is no freedom to post there , they say post .. here in certain forums etc and this is the place to discuss fbb with other's ! it's the biggest bunch of bs . Even if u post something in the appropriate forum , and is relevant to the topic . They will take it down in a flash . And if u private chat with other fans even about a favorite fbb , they will monitor and delete the conversation . They only care about 1 thing .. getting more stolen content posted to say they have biggest archive on the net . And getting people to join $$ vip . That's it

Nov 11, 2021 - permalink

Saradas is pretty much a warez bbs from back in the day. In the old warez scene, a typical bbs had a "ratio": uploading so many megabytes of pirated software, porn, etc. would entitle you to download some proportion of that amount. If you tried to download without uploading ("leeching"), you were banned. If you uploaded garbage or something the bbs admin didn't want, you were banned. Only difference with Saradas is that the "warez" is fbb content. I truly wonder how it's doing after the Bannening; if it's a thriving site or just the same five guys sending pirated content around.

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