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Fitness models who are 5'11 or taller

Feb 14, 2021 - permalink

There was a girl who worked out at my gym, an ex-basketball player, who was absolutely beautiful and at least 6'0 tall. She had the proportions that you might see on many fitness models, though she was likely stronger than most of them, but she was also far taller. It seems like women with this sort of build are few and far between in the fitness world though, most of them are below 5'8. Monique Ricardo being one of the few exceptions.

Feb 14, 2021 - permalink

If I remember correctly, https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/images/?name... is around that height.

Feb 14, 2021 - permalink

Watch the female beach volleyball you see a few of them are over 5’8 and well muscled

Feb 14, 2021 - permalink

If I remember correctly, Jennifer adkisson is 6 ft. She’s alway is great condition and beautiful

Feb 14, 2021 - permalink

Cindy, of course.

Feb 14, 2021 - permalink


Feb 14, 2021 - permalink

Carrie Lynn Canastey, aka Carrie Lynn Rapp, 6’ in bare feet

Feb 26, 2021 - permalink

Stefanie Foli, Lauren Riffel, Kelsey Haas, all 5'11 (about 180 cm) and all with many pictures on GwM.

Feb 26, 2021 - permalink

Maria Wattel

Feb 27, 2021 - permalink

Stefani Foli is quite tall, but not 5'-11". I'd estimate around 5'-9". She is a little shorter than I am, and when my wife and her took a picture together backstage at my wife's first competition about 3 years ago (God Eshain was small then, about 40 lbs lighter) Stephanie was wearing high heels in this picture and my wife was barefoot. I think 5'-9" is pretty close.

BTW, Stephanie is a beautiful young woman and was very sweet to my wife.

Feb 27, 2021 - permalink

Szandra Horvath is 5'11

Feb 27, 2021 - permalink

Would be nice to have a filter for height, weight and age when searching on GMW.

Feb 27, 2021 - permalink
Deleted by uberbabesrule
Feb 27, 2021 - permalink

Jaqueline costa

Feb 27, 2021 - edited Feb 27, 2021 - permalink

Mikayla Miles is 6'4"

Vonda Ward is 6'5"

Gabrielle Reece is 6'3"

Caisie Shepard (spelling?) is over 6'

Heather Pedigo is 6'

Shawn Tan is 6'


MMA fighter Gabi Garcia is 6'2" and very muscular. I'd hate to cross paths with her in a dark alley...

Those are just a few off the top of my head...

(yeah... gals 6' & up is kinda my "thing")

Mar 04, 2021 - permalink

Janelle Zielinski is 5'11 or very close to it at least

Mar 05, 2021 - permalink

Carly Wopat 6'2

Mar 08, 2021 - permalink

Kiki Vhyce is 5’11-6’0

Mar 09, 2021 - permalink

Erin Clymer is 6'2

Mar 09, 2021 - permalink

Christina Nalley is 6'1

Mar 09, 2021 - permalink

the 1.83m tall retired Kayfabe Wrestler, Linda Miles.

1.94m tall Olympic Shot-Putter, Dame Valerie Adams.

Would be nice to have a filter for height, weight and age when searching on GMW.

agreed on height, and possibly on broad age-range categories. weight would be pointless in my opinion, as in many active cases that particular attribute is often subject to constant fluctuation.

Mar 29, 2021 - permalink

Maria Wattel is 6'1".

Mar 30, 2021 - permalink

Absolutely amazing muscles

Mar 30, 2021 - edited Mar 30, 2021 - permalink

Ellen Nielsen - at least 6' and getting bulkier

Roxy Winstanley, 5'11"

Kelsey Heenan, 5'11"

Salla Ahonen - At least 5'10", I believe.

Emilia (eeemilian) - commenters say she's 5'10"

Bree Evans - Tall (but exact height unknown)

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