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deltz tagging his uploads with fake names.

Feb 10, 2021 - permalink

deltz will also delete the upload once a few people have commented on the image. Sometimes I have notifications but when I click on it it takes be to a dead page. I know in these cases that it must have been an upload by deltz that has been deleted because either a) someone has been able to add a name to the image or b) people have started calling deltz out. deltz hates it when a user manages to identify the athlete in one of their uploads (I have managed to in the past for example and the image subsequently gets removed).

My main issue though is that deltz hides behind the 'not sharing the identity and protecting their privacy' yet consistently tags girls as teens when they are not. That is some strange logic in my book. Why does deltz pretend they are teens?

I don't mind the occasional image not having a name, we can still appreciate the physique, but I'm with other members of the community in terms of deltz being dishonest.

Feb 10, 2021 - edited Feb 10, 2021 - permalink

Thanks Chainer. Also, yeah, deltz will delete images if people post the model's social media information. Even if said social media is public.

It's seriously scummy. I almost want to make a script to scrape his uploads, notify me if he removes one, then just reupload it myself.

Anyway, this thread has largely run its course. The main issue was of fake names, not his other practices.

Thread locked by Chainer.
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