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deltz tagging his uploads with fake names.

Feb 09, 2021 - edited Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Ok, it's infuriating enough that deltz has a misguided notion of what it takes to protect someone's privacy. Hint: withholding information doesn't cut it.

Now, however, he's tagging his photos with completely fake names. From what I understand, tagging photos with false information is abuse and not allowed.

I just had to rename over 20 of his uploads to remove his fake names.


ironmom_ -> Annamarie Barnard

protein.brat.16 -> Georgia Barber

"ironmom_" and "protein.brat.16" are not pseudonyms, handles, usernames, or nicknames those two have used ANYWHERE. It's 100% fabricated. These two use their full names on their social media, so there's no reason to believe they are even trying to hide their identities.

Not tagging photos with names or providing social media information is bad enough, but deliberately posting false information to mislead the community crosses the line.

If a model posts media to a publicly facing platform, those pictures are prone to be pulled. Period. If a person does not want their pictures on this site, they have a right and obligation to file a DMCA takedown. Chainer respects DMCA takedowns thoroughly, and to a degree above and beyond what is even legally required.

So my final statement to deltz: stop being a self-congratulatory white knight.

Feb 09, 2021 - edited Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

I see that your love for female muscle has become somewhat unhealthy. To the point that you made a post like this.

It seems that you aren't familiar with the internet yet, for example: for all you know "Annamarie Barnard" and "Georgia Barber" maybe aliases for their public accounts instead of it being their real names. Point is, one of the beauties of the internet is anonymity. Without it some girls you see here wouldn't be confident enough to post pictures like these.

I know it can be frustrating not to have more material from a certain girl because it's not uploaded on this site, but can't you be atleast thankful? Or can you atleast stop being an asshole? Maybe post some hundred thousand pics worth of content yourself, that way we'll all have a nice organized and labeled collection of pictures and videos.

Feb 09, 2021 - edited Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Georgia Barber: https://www.instagram.com/georgiaabarberr/

Public instagram, 20700 followers, full name in handle.

Annamarie Barnard: https://mobile.twitter.com/annanarie2?lang=en

Twitter also has her full name, as do the articles which talk about her bodybuilding competitions.

Clearly you didn't read my post. The models in question are NOT trying to hide their identities, and there is absolutely NO sign of the pseudonyms that deltz pulled out of thin air. Deltz is spreading misinformation by posting fake names that these women never used, which is something that has historically been punishable by the site's moderation.

Not posting names is one thing. Posting blatantly fake names is another.

Learn the facts before posting and making foolish assumptions.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

I'm not sure if it was him but for the longest time there were pics on an indian fbb on here labeled as "krishna swathi" or something like that. There was a bunch of comment from people trying to figure out who she is because a google search of that name brings up no results. I later found another fbb named "tejaswini pandit" and realized they were the same person so I retagged them but I don't get why someone uploaded them with a completely fake name that has nothing to do with her...

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

its so funny watching some of you creepers get so bent out of shape about this

Feb 09, 2021 - edited Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

@1323rebutu That could just be an honest mistake. It happens. The examples I cited here however are blatant and intentional. Deltz is a repeat offender too.

@niles11 Like it or not, vandalizing tags and the name field is bannable on this site. So go ahead white knight, do it so the scary creepers don't bite. The faster you get yourself banned, the better.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

you sound like a real neckbeard, keep crying haha

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Some uploaders do have this weird habit not naming their pictures because of some twisted logic of being the "guardians and protectors of identities" lol

I did read a rant by deltz explaining why he doesn't share names. Its just stupid weirdo logic.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

@niles111 Lol. First, your post simply said "you sound like a neckbeard" then you edited in ",keep crying haha" after I ignored you.

Want to make your trolling even more obvious? Typ3 1n l337 sp33k! 🤣

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

@No_one Not putting names is one thing. Everyone deserves a benefit of a doubt there as not all sources have the name available. Tumblr is notorious for this.

Deltz, however, isn't just leaving the name field blank. He's putting in 100% fake information. In the two examples I listed, I could find no evidence that those two models ever used those pseudonyms. That is what's unacceptable.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

I read through his reasons to justify what he does. It's nonsense really. White Knighting and Gatekeeping so the 'creeps' don't get to them is ridiculous, there is already a procedure in place to have your photos removed. By mislabelling them it's actually less likely that they would be aware we are posting their photos and deny them the chance to have them removed. His ideas that the upload system is geared up to reward high scoring images leads him to what he can to create a buzz around his own by leaving the name blank or fabricating one entirely. That's manipulating and essentially corrupting the system he claims to work within. Moreover, if he really believes that what he does is fine and really contributes then he would have probably found the +1 button more that 16 times, undermining not only the points system he works so hard to benefit from, but his own argument.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Leaving out a name, even if your reasoning is flawed, shouldn't necessarily be punishable. Nobody who uploads an image is obligated to provide that information.

Pulling a name/alias out of your ass to mislead people is solidly in the wrong, and is not allowed to my understanding.

Feb 09, 2021 - edited Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

@Green_Tea I agree with you, I also get very frustrated when Deltz refuses to properly identify the models he posts. Like @HallowsHavok mentioned, there is already a system in place to remove chicks if they so desire. The Internet operates on the unspoken golden assumption that anything posted publicly can be posted anywhere else.

@niles111 The fact that you are even on this website qualifies you as a creeper as well if we really want to start hurling that word around so loosely. @Green_Tea is not being a creeper for demanding what should be standard practice on this website.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

@xlomeli Those are great points. On the topic of the nature of the internet, honestly it would be really great for privacy if you could magically make all of your pictures disappear off the internet the moment you turned your instagram private.

But the internet obviously doesn't work that way. Maintaining privacy in a world where publicly posted photos can effectively circulate permanently requires dilligence, realistic expectations, and transparency. Trying to take a moral highground by not posting names of publicly available photos is none of that.

On the contrary, clearly identified names makes this site GOOD for privacy in a way that's actually material, and accounts for how the internet works. You couldn't have said it better.

AnonIB, in contrast, serves to violate privacy in a very deliberate way which also accounts for how the internet works. They disallow names to prevent victims from finding their photos there, but otherwise comply with DMCA takedowns so that they stay legal. Not only that, they encourage members to use false pseudonyms, or share names privately. Unlike GWM, they are also strict with DMCA formatting. A model can have their photos removed from GWM by simply proving their identity and contacting Chainer. AnonIB requires a properly formatted, legal DMCA takedown. They also do not have a blacklist - a person has to resubmit takedowns, issue a cease and desist, and have proper documentation that the photos were not to be distributed.

All in all, in a twisted way people like Deltz actually worsen privacy for the women, albeit unintentionally unlike AnonIB. His use of fabricated names nonetheless are the point of my thread, and I really wish to see that behavior stop, especially since it's actually actionable unlike a blank name.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

I would like to give honorable mention to @heavylifter for not naming most of his pictures despite the source being an expired link to Instagram. I don't think he names any by himself.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

If there are any I forgot, you can always ask.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

I've been scrolling through images by no name set and every other picture I open is by you.

I don't ask anymore because I don't think its worth wasting time over. I just try to name the pictures of the ones I know.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Ok, lets remember that this thread isn't about uploaders leaving off names. That topic has been beaten into the ground more than debate over Cindy Landolt's implants.

This thread is about flat out false names being knowingly added to pictures.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Trying to make it short: Faking a name while actually posting the picture is a peculiar protection. The person shown still has a family, friends, neighbours, colleagues. If you really want to protect, then don't post. Even more, they also have a will to be posted or not. So... If their will is to NOT be posted, they can request to be removed. Which will hardly happen if the mods can't find their pictures because they have been assigned a random name dreamed up by their secret white knight.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

i might be mistaken in writing this, but to the best of my knowledge Deltz never labels any of his uploads under the assumption that doing so would generate far less attention (and therefore fewer channel points) for what he uploads. it's very possible that the pictures were originally misidentified by someone else and the mistake was never rectified when more pictures associated with the original mislabel were subsequently accumulated. Deltz might've been unaware, or is more likely indifferent to the mistake seeing as his only concern is that his uploads continue to generate interest that benefits his account.

If you really want to protect, then don't post. Even more, they also have a will to be posted or not. So... If their will is to NOT be posted, they can request to be removed. Which will hardly happen if the mods can't find their pictures because they have been assigned a random name dreamed up by their secret white knight.

there are circumstances whereby models who specifically request to be acknowledged only by their pseudonym normally justify using the stage name they're actually known to go by, and tacit co-operation in labelling pictures with the appropriate pseudonym does significantly more to observe the boundaries established by select models than leaving their pictures unattributed. this obviously doesn't apply to the examples yourself or Green_Tea is discussing.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Agree with the above. There's an attribution problem here. Observing that an inaccurate name is associated with an upload is one thing, but there are a lot of ways that can happen. Only a moderator could actually prove that a particular user is directly adding false handles or pseudonyms to uploads. When I look at Deltz's uploads specifically, there hardly seems to be a pattern of lying or deception, as the majority of the uploads appear to have accurate names.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

I don't have solid proof that he intentionally did this. If a mod confirms that I am wrong, I'll gladly apologize to deltz. However, I will not apologize for wanting misinformation to be punished (committed by anyone).

On that note, there's some fishy circumstances that led me to make this thread and accusation. Georgia Barber's photos only started appearing on this site two days ago, and were all mislabeled "protein.brat.16". I could not for the life of me find that alias anywhere. She does not use that handle, and deltz pulled all photos from instagram. Incorrect names are usually the result of more protracted efforts to find a name gone wrong. Since the pictures are only two days old, it's less likely that could be the case here.

Second, his photos have attracted waves of comments of people complaining that he was mislabeling them. This suggests that the pictures were labeled wrong very early. Deltz didn't even deny the accusations either.

Third, the names I had to fix were of his most recent uploads. One model occassionally being mislabeled could be an accident, but TWO in a row mislabeled with aliases I literally can't find a single trace of anywhere except on the original picture is fishy.

Fourth, ALL pictures of the two models in question were mislabeled, despite being recent uploads. It normally takes a long time for names to fully propagate on models who were batch uploaded without names to begin with. People simply don't bother going through a specific uploaders profile most of the time - it's often done per picture by different people. Doubly so if the identity is suspect. Many people double check the name to see if it's a match. Given that I couldn't find "protein.brat.16" or "ironmom_" anywhere, I doubt other uploaders would have much better luck. Thus most people would be hesitant to use the label. Yet every single picture had them.

Fifth, most of his pictures are correctly labeled mainly because others have to add the information. Given that people were complaining about fake names before I made this thread, I don't see how the fact that people fixed his tag vandalism suggests the original names weren't mislabeled to begin with.

Sixth, Deltz deleted one of his pictures of Georgia Barber which had apparently comments claiming he didn't want people creeping on a 16 year old kid. Georgia Barber is 22, not 16, and he clearly would have known this given that her instagram is public with 20.7k followers. "Protein.brat.16" is not a handle she uses anywhere, yet apparently he claims she's 16. This suggests he made up the whole narrative that she’s 16, fake handle and all. HOWEVER, I don't have his comments since he deleted the picture.

Seventh, he clearly has a (misguided) stance against providing accurate names. I wouldn't be surprised if he's pulling this shit because of that. It's not proof, but it paints a picture in conjuction with the other points.

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Deltz said he did it on purpose so no apologies will be be issued here I'm sure. On the topic: 1. If they didn't want popularity they would not post pictures to a public Instagram account and since they do I would assume they want the publicity so anything helps them gain followers. There are creeps on Instagram as well. 2. As someone said, correctly identifying them gives them a chance to stay off this specific site if they choose to do so. 3. By denying people here their social links, you kinda deny models "clicks" etc

I think that all in all deltz had good intentions but to be honest these girls mostly don't want your white knighting so don't do this again as this doesn't really help those girls in any way. Just leave names blank if that is how you want to "help".

Feb 09, 2021 - permalink

Interesting. In other discussions, I have perceived a misconception that this site is to blame for creepy behavior. I disagree with this logic, since creeps will be creeps. Of course, not everyone on Insta desires fame and sudden attention can be frightening. However, when a person has already published her name on a global picture-posting platform, obscuring that name here with an alias in order to "deter" creepers is nonsense. You can't unring a bell.

Feb 10, 2021 - permalink

Green_Tea is almost assuredly right that deltz is putting fake names on purpose even though he knows the real name. Thanks, Green_Tea, for cleaning up after him (and 1323rebutu as well). Putting fake names is not OK and I am giving him a warning about this; let us know if he keeps doing it.

As an aside, calling users neckbeards, creeps, and assholes is unacceptable. niles111 above has been warned; asqwert is close (although you did at least have a point you were trying to make, even though it was wrong).

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