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You have reached the upload limit (I need some advice please)

Feb 02, 2021 - permalink

Hello, I am not a very big uploader and I getting this message "You have reached the upload limit."

Can someone please give me some directions on what am I doing wrong.

Thanks !!

Feb 02, 2021 - permalink
Feb 02, 2021 - permalink

On the upload page, you have two ways of uploading pictures to the site: direct uploads, or the queue.

If you pick direct uploads, your uploads appear on the site right away. You get two direct uploads per day, and up to 5 simultaneous "bonus" ones if your existing direct uploads score highly. As such the number of direct uploads is very limited, and this is the limit you have probably reached.

With the queue, your uploads are first checked for quality by the site staff before appearing on the site. You can have up to 20 uploads in the queue at any one time.

Feb 12, 2021 - permalink

I have the same problems.

Feb 20, 2021 - permalink

I'm glad I saw this thread. Thanks!

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